The white sock is off Durham Cathedral’s central tower after three years – be the first to climb it; Chris Lloyd; Northern Echo

AFTER three years looking as if it had had a white sock pulled over the top of it, Durham Cathedral’s central tower will reopen to the public at…

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Plans made to triple size of Durham’s World Heritage Site; Rachel Conner-Hill; The Northern Echo

PLANS are being made to extend Durham’s famous world heritage site beyond its Norman castle and cathedral.

Source: Plans made to triple size of Durham’s World Heritage Site

Durham City; Durham University

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Durham Cathedral; Art Fund


Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durham Cathedral is cherished for magnificent Romanesque architecture, the shrine of St Cuthbert and the tomb of the Venerable Bede.

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Newcastle cruise port guide; David Atkinson; Telegraph

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Famous Hogwarts cathedral raises its profile in China; Bo Leung; China Daily

Representatives from Northeast England’s Durham Cathedral will head to China in November in a bid to attract more Chinese tourists to the almost 1,000-year-old site.

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Durham Cathedral – Top 10 reasons to love the city landmark (as if you needed them); Barbara Hodgson; Chronicle Live

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

As Durham Cathedral wins more national recognition, here’s why it’s such a firm favourite on its home patch

Our world famous Durham Cathedral is basking in more glory with its newly-awarded title of North East building of the year and yet another possible award in the offing.

The near 1,000-year-old local landmark is a huge local favourite, of course, but it’s becoming just as loved by international visitors who see it as one of the world’s best – and the annual 700,000-plus people who pass through its doors each year can’t be wrong.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has just paid the latest tribute, in naming it our building of the year, but the cathedral’s ongoing conservation work has also resulted in a Regional Award and Conservation Award, which ensures it is now short-listed for the national RIBA award.

So what do we love most about our Unesco World Heritage Site cathedral?

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10 Reasons To Honeymoon In Durham; Female First

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

Delicious food, a great atmosphere and candlelight is the perfect recipe for romance.

Love is in the air all year round in Durham with its stunning scenery, buildings that take your breath away and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Ranked as the second most romantic city in the UK by, here are our top 10 reasons you should honeymoon in Durham:

Durham’s dramatic landscapes – if you’re looking to combine a rural country break to the Durham Dales, with the cosmos of Durham city and its dramatic coastal landscapes, Durham is the perfect choice.

Explore Durham Cathedral, Durham’s iconic landmarks – Durham Cathedral & Castle was recently named the UK’s top attraction by TripAdvisor users, and Durham Castle. The two Romanesque buildings were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, and in 2016 celebrated its 30-year anniversary as a World Heritage Site.

Our award-winning spas – Durham is home to a number of spas, guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate. These include Seaham Hall’s award-winning Serenity Spa, which was declared Best Spa in the North East at the annual Good Spa Guide Awards.

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Dean of Durham: ‘A busy and fulfilling year’; Tony Kearney; The Northern Echo

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

In his Christmas message, The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham, calls on us all to remember the original Christmas message of Jesus as the light of the world.

2017 has been a busy, fulfilling year at Durham Cathedral with Christmas and the advent of the New Year offering an opportunity for reflection.

The year has seen the Cathedral continue to develop the many ways it engages with people whether attending the Cathedral for worship or as a visitor, or through outreach and engagement in the community.

We have had a huge range of imaginative special services complimenting the core pattern of worship at the Cathedral, welcoming many community organisations to their Cathedral.

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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in the United Kingdom; Gilly Pickup; Canadian Traveller

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

You might think you know the United Kingdom, but do you know about these unique experiences?

The language is English, though granted, it can be hard to understand some regional accents; London’s Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen and one of the most famous dishes is fish and chips. So far, so British. This is also the land that has produced some of the world’s best poets and playwrights – think Wordsworth and Shakespeare – and is famous for books and films like Harry Potter. And amid some of the world’s most recognised UNESCO sites, is a landscape knee deep in ancient history, legends and myths.

So without more ado, here are 15 things to see and do, some you may not have heard of, other names you will recognise, but one thing they have in common is that they are all worth experiencing.

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6 Gorgeous U.K. Wedding Venues from Film and Television; John Bell; Just Luxe

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

The U.K. is one of the most historically rich destinations in the world, from the castles of Scotland to the iconic country estates dotted around the English countryside, each with their own fascinating story to tell and plethora of famous ex-residents. So varied and culturally significant are these buildings that visitors from all over the globe frequently visit the UK simply to tour some of these stunning locations, from commercial ventures like Warwick Castle through to tourist hotspots like the Tower Of London.

Commonly, some of the most popular destinations are those that make regular appearances in film and television, particularly in popular series such as Harry Potter or Downton Abbey. But did you know that you can actually get married in many of them? Fancy getting hitched in the castle from Downton Abbey?

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Cathedral awarded £1m for repairs; Alex Williams; Premier

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is being awarded £1 million of National Lottery funding for a multi-million pound conversation and repair programme.

Bosses say the latest contribution to the Foundation 2020 initiative will help ensure future generations can enjoy the Romanesque landmark.

The Very Rev Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham, said: “Sharing our faith and heritage with the world is a fundamental part of the Cathedral’s vision.

“Conservation and repair of this wonderful building is crucial to this vision. We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for its continued support of Durham Cathedral.”

Foundation 2020 hopes to raise £10m by 2020. The Cathedral has already invested £3.7 million into the fund.

The new grant is coming from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), which is supported by players of the National Lottery.

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33 Reasons Living In Durham Will Ruin You For Life; Flo Perry; BuzzFeed

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

Because other people don’t get to see a proper castle every single day.

1. Because you just get used to living in a UNESCO world heritage site.

2. Because once you’ve lived next to one of the greatest remaining examples of Norman architecture, it’s hard to say goodbye.

3. Because no other sunrise looks quite like this.

4. Because it’s easy to forget that not everyone basically lives on a film set.

5. That not every student union is in a place like this.

6. And that not every high street is overlooked by a proper castle that people actually live in.

7. Because not every town has houses that look like this.

8. Because you don’t get this kind of history and tradition everywhere you go.

9. And not every city gets taken over by modern art every two years.

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Durham Cathedral named Heritage Site of the Year; Premier

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

Durham Cathedral has been named BBC Countryfile Magazine’s Heritage Site of the Year.

The cathedral was up against stiff competition from Stonehenge, Rutland Water and Tenby for the prestigious award.

More than 56,000 people took part in the vote for a winner.

Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of Durham, told Premier: “We are thrilled with this; it’s a fantastic award and an accolade for the cathedral.”

The 11th century cathedral, which is part of the Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site, welcomes more than 750,000 visitors a year.

Rev Andrew said that it was easy to balance being both a popular visitors attraction and a place of worship.

He told Premier: “We love having visitors here. Lots of them will come because it’s a beautiful building, world-class architecture with a Romanesque structure.


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A Muggle’s Guide to Harry Potter’s World; Trafalgar Blog

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

From a shiny Hogwarts Express departing platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross, to Hagrid’s Hut in the muted colours of Glencoe, while Harry Potter might belong to a world of fiction, most of the major landmarks in the films and inspiration for the books are inescapably and iconically British. Here, we jump on our broomsticks to see where the wizarding world of Harry Potter touches real life locations around the United Kingdom.

Durham Cathedral

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durham Cathedral, was used repeatedly in the Harry Potter films for exterior and interior shots of the teenage wizard’s famous school, Hogwarts. Eagle-eyed fans will notice that cathedral’s quadrangle is where Harry releases Hedwig, his spirited owl, and also forms an impressive backdrop to some of the more outrageous spell-making classes.

Alnwick Castle

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43 Reasons The North East Will Ruin The Rest Of England For You; Flo Perry; Buzz Feed

UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – Durham Castle and Cathedral

It’s not grim up north.

1. Because in Durham you can rent one of these boats for a tenner and paddle through a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. And afterwards you can explore one of the greatest buildings in the world, for free.

3. Because we might not get much sun, but the cold won’t spoil the view.

4. Because when the sun does come out, our coastline will take your breath away.

5. And it probably won’t be very crowded.

6. Because we have some of the best places for a winter’s walk in the country.

7. Because the cold brings a new kind of beauty you just don’t get down south.

8. Because sometimes a windy day is just what you need.

9. Because we’ve got more castles than you can shake a stick at.

10. And a stately home or two as well.

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A Brief Introduction to UK World Heritage Sites; Henry Owen-John; Heritage Calling

UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Durham Castle and Cathedral

This week is the 30th anniversary of the meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which inscribed the first seven sites in the UK on the World Heritage List.

The additions adhered to the agreement made by member states of UNESCO in 1972, (called the World Heritage Convention) which had an inspiring concept at its heart:

There are some places of outstanding universal value to all humanity, for whose protection it is the duty of the international community as a whole to co-operate.

Such places can display natural or cultural values or a mixture of the two.

The first seven UK sites are fantastically diverse. The dramatic geology of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland has inspired legendary tales of giants striding over the sea to Scotland and has been a celebrated visitor attraction for over 300 years.

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