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French Lascaux caves ‘doing well’ 80 years after discovery; Hannah Thompson; Connexion


Source: French Lascaux caves ‘doing well’ 80 years after discovery

Ancient caves: Origins of the Neanderthals: France; New Scientist

Step back in time on a journey to the key Neanderthal sites of southern France between Bordeaux and Nice with Palaeolithic archaeologist and author Rebecca Wragg Sykes. See the oldest traces left by humankind: stone tools, art objects, cave paintings and other remains that have changed the way we think about Neanderthals. For the first 40 years after their fossils were recognised, nobody knew whether or not Neanderthals had any culture or complex cognitive abilities. In this tour, Rebecca shows how advances in archaeological methods over the last three decades have revealed a very clear picture.

Source: Ancient caves: Origins of the Neanderthals: France | New Scientist

French cave home to earliest drawings wins World Heritage status; AFP

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Top 10 Fascinating Unintentional Time Capsules Ever Discovered; Jonathan H Kantor; Listverse

Time capsules are purposely built to contain interesting and unique items meant to be uncovered at a predetermined date in the future. This can often be a century or more after the capsule is buried.

Source: Top 10 Fascinating Unintentional Time Capsules Ever Discovered – Listverse

New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Artisans of France’s Lascaux Caves; Seph Rodney; NY Times

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30 Things You Have to See and Do in France Before You Die; Nancy Heslin; Fodor’s

If you’re going to experience France, experience it right.

Source: 30 Things You Have to See and Do in France Before You Die

These Forbidden Places Make For The Toughest Bucket List; Labanya Maitra; Outlook India

You can travel across the world but not to these seven restricted areas, no matter who you are (conditions apply)!

Source: These Forbidden Places Make For The Toughest Bucket List

10 interesting facts about hospitality in the past; Alice Rich; Medium.com

The hotel industry is one of the oldest commercial ventures in the world. Even though it may not look like it, but hotels have come a long…

Source: 10 interesting facts about hospitality in the past

The best tours of Dordogne; The Good Life France

The Dordogne Valley is France’s most historic region: chateux, vineyards, markets, gorgrous villages & more, here’s where to find the best tours of Dordogne…

Source: The best tours of Dordogne – The Good Life France

Beautiful underground caves around the world, and more; MSN

France – Prehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère Valley


An underground city was discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevsehir, which is famous for fairy chimney rock formations. The city, which covers 45 hectares, is thought to date back 5,000 years and contains water channels, escape galleries and hidden churches. Click through to find out about other underground caves around the world.


This spectacular cave is a part of Missouri national park, which was established in 1982. Some of the famous park activities include cave tours, swimming, fishing and hiking.


Frances Lascaux cave is home to a series of world-famous Paleolithic paintings. The paintings that are estimated to be 17,300 years old are mainly of large animals. In 1979, the cave was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The cave, located under the cliffs at the Northern tip of the island, was discovered in 1780 by two English explorers. The cave’s floral floor is believed to be 400,000 to 500,000 years old.


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Today in the history – Lascaux Cave discovered by 4 teenagers; Egypt Today

France – Prehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère Valley

CAIRO – 12 September 2017: September 12 marks the date the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered, in 1940 above the Vézère River valley near Montignac, France, by four teenage boys who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down the cave’s narrow entrance.

Studied by French archaeologist Henri-Édouard-Prosper Breuil, the cave refers to the Upper Paleolithic period when it was believed to be used as a center for hunting and religious rites.

The walls of the cavern are decorated with the paintings of 600 drawn animals and symbols, among which four are the most remarkable aurochs (extinct wild ox of Europe), alongside with nearly 1,500 engravings. Only one painting of a human in the form of a bird-headed man is depicted in the cave.

It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

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What Prehistoric Cave Paintings Can Teach Us About the Psychology of Creativity; Nicola Brown; Skyword

France – Prehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère Valley

Deep inside a dark, cold cave in rural France, I found myself reflecting on the psychology of creativity and where we derive our sources of inspiration. I was inside Font-de-Gaume, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most spectacular caves in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, home to some of the most well-preserved cave paintings in the world.

It’s an experience like no other, being just a few feet away from a painting of a bison made by a prehistoric human over 14,000 years ago. Even then, artists knew about the use of perspective in drawing. Unlike later Egyptian illustrations that appear flat, these paintings are rendered as if in 3-D space with further objects being smaller or obscured by closer ones.

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The 10 best places to cycle in France; The Local

France – Prehistoric Sites and Decorated Caves of the Vézère Valley

With its coastline, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers, and beautiful towns, France is a country that is made for cycling. Here the folk at Bike Hire Direct give us their favourite places in the country to cycle.
Cycling has never been so popular among tourists visiting France.
With over a million kilometres of road across France it can be tough to choose which stretches are the best bets for cycling this summer.
Natasha Wright, who runs the bike rental and delivery service Bike Hire Direct with her husband Neville, tells us her 10 places to get on a bike in France.
Jarnac tour
The Charente Valley stretching from Angouleme to Saintes is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of south west France.
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