The ultimate French weekend getaway? A grand tour of the Champagne region; Daily Times

While Paris is considered the ultimate weekend getaway for Britons, it is mystifying that the beautiful Champagne region has long been overlooked.

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The ultimate French weekend getaway? A grand tour of Champagne; Frank Mannion; Daily Mail

Hollywood producer Frank Mannion frequently visited the region during research for a documentary about the top tipple. Here he reveals where to drink, where to stay, and lots of intriguing history.

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A memorable private tour of Champagne; Financial Times


Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and more: discover LVMH’s prestigious champagne maisons…

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Dom Pérignon’s Latest Harvest Looks Beyond Producing the Next Vintage and Adjusts to the Climate Crisis; Rachel King; Fortune

One of Champagne’s oldest houses is making some dramatic changes in response to climate change.

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Hotels with Instagram-perfect views; Chris Dwyer; CNN


With the explosion in popularity of Instagram, it increasingly feels like you haven’t really been on vacation until you’ve carefully crafted and posted that all-important shot from your hotel, hacienda or houseboat.

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How A Champagne Lover Should Celebrate A Special Event; Laurie Werner; Forbes

It’s typical to celebrate a special event with champagne but with an experience designed by LVMH’s lifestyle arm Clos19, it can be celebrated in Champagne.

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Off to France for a Personal Champagne Tour; Urban Daddy

Four Days of Michelin-Starred Dinners and Private Champagne Tastings Await…

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How wine regions gain UNESCO status; Rebecca Gibb; Decanter

A crocodile of poncho-wearing tourists trail behind a cruise-ship guide in the aftermath of a downpour in St-Emilion. It’s an unseasonably soggy summer day in the medieval town and the steep, narrow lanes are treacherous, but that’s not deterring thousands of visitors: American voices mingle with French, German and Chinese, filling the cafés and keeping […]

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Discover Champagne: France’s sleeping giant; The Week

At Portfolio we bring you the exclusive insights of the world’s leading designers, creators, chefs, artists, critics and connoisseurs.

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From Dining Like Napoléon To Exclusive Cellar Tours, A Look At Champagne, The Clos19 Way; Ann Binlot; Forbes

Clos19 provides an exclusive inside-look at Champagne houses Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot,Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon…

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The Enigmatic World Of Champagne, France; Rosalyn Wikeley; Country and Townhouse

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Hidden Under This Street in France Is a Fascinating History—and Champagne Worth Billions; Afar

How the Avenue de Champagne, and the bottles in its cellars, have endured the test of centuries, from Napoleon’s conquests to the world wars.

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Exploring the Tastiest UNESCO Site in the World: Champagne Region in France; Maria Haase; Europe Up Close

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Dispatch From France: The Royal Champagne Opens in Summer 2018; Mary Winston Nicklin & Matt Turner; Luxury Travel Advisor

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

Exciting news from Champagne country: In July, the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa will open after a dramatic renovation project. A member of Relais & Châteaux, the Royal Champagne overlooks the vineyards around Champillon, just north of Épernay. This is a sought-after tourist destination for oenophiles and history buffs alike; in 2015, UNESCO awarded World Heritage status to “the hillsides, houses and wine cellars of Champagne.”

This wine country retreat occupies both a modernist wing and an ancient Relais de Poste (coaching inn) where the French kings made a stopover on their way to coronation ceremonies in Reims. The renovation has sought to elevate the property with “the region’s first world-class destination spa”—to quote the official website—along with a gastronomic restaurant overseen by two-star Michelin chef Jean-Denis Rieubland. We hear that menus will be devised with specific champagne pairings in mind. The hotel also has its own sommelier on property, and guest experiences include wine tastings, private events in the eight-guest wine cellar and exclusive access to several local wine venues for harvesting, “clear wine” tastings and private picnics.

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The Best Way to Discover the Champagne Region; Glass Of Bubbly

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

While driving into the vineyard, you will be amazed by the diversity of landscapes, colours and architectural heritage passing before your eyes. The region, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, is, first of all, a land of history. The place was already very active during Roman Empire. It has always been an economic centre, a crossroad and the home of famous medieval fairs. Reims remains the city where French kings were crowned, from Clovis in 498 to Charles IX in 1825.

Champagne, the closest wine region from Paris

You have got some days off and you wonder how you could make the most of them? What about visiting the Champagne region and tasting some delicious nectar? Indeed, the most famous French vineyard is only three hours driving far from Calais. Traveling by car remains the easiest way to visit wineries in Champagne often located in the heart of the vineyards.

Wonderful cellars that contain millions of bottles

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to visit the entire Dom Pérignon’s region and its 30.000 hectares in only a few days.

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A Look Inside the Ancient Underground Tunnels Housing Some of the World’s Finest Champagne; Mary Winston Nicklin; VinePair

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

Go below the glam Maison Charles Heidsieck in Champagne to a vast network of ancient caves aging some of the world’s best bubbles.

A hundred and six steps below the Maison Charles Heidsieck in the city of Reims lies a vast underground world. The crayères — a network of cavernous chambers hewn from ancient Gallo-Romain quarries — is the prized place for aging Champagnes in perfect conditions (dark, humid, and a constant 10 degrees Celsius).

Today these crayères are home to Charles Heidsieck’s cellars. The historic house was started by Champagne Charlie, the man credited with introducing Champagne to America (among other things).

In 1867, Charles Heidsieck made a fortuitous decision to buy his very own chalk galleries. Today the grande marque Maison is one of only five Champagne houses to own cellars in the crayères — named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015.

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The Sparkle of France’s Champagne Hillsides Region; Patricia Valicenti; WhereTraveler

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, the vineyards, long-standing production houses and cool, chalk-walled cellars make for a dramatic adjunct to your Paris trip.

It’s those sparkling bubbles that set Champagne apart from the quiet universe of still wines. And Champagne was once a pretty ordinary still wine itself until the sparkle was sealed into the bottle thanks to the rediscovery of the cork as a stopper by, according to the most popular accounts, Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk who was the cellar master at the abbey of Hautvillers not far from Epernay in the late 17th and early 18th century. Today, Hautvillers is one of the world’s most famous vineyards, and it lies just 145 kilometers northeast of Paris—begging travelers to head up the A4 for at least a day trip if not a weekend or longer.

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Touring France’s Champagne Houses: Six Of The Best; Juyoung Seo; Forbes

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

There is no denying that champagne has long been a choice of drink for the wealthy and powerful. But when the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided in 2015 that parts of France’s Champagne region, along with its champagne houses and cellars, should be on its World Heritage list, it wasn’t to acknowledge the glamorous status of bubbly drinks consumed by party-goers with deep pockets. This northeast region of France is worthy of attention for its long history of wine-making and story of resilience through the First World War.

Since King Clovis (a.k.a. “The first king of France”) was baptized in Reims Cathedral in AD 496 and the occasion was celebrated with the wines produced in the Champagne region, the area has been associated with the French monarchs.

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Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars – Avenue de Champagne – Epernay, France; Pmaupin;

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

Quick Description: [EN] The avenue of Champagne is one of the main axes of the city of Epernay, often considered its “most prestigious way”.

[EN] Since July 2015, the property “Coteaux, Maisons and Caves de Champagne” has been included in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO in the category “Cultural Landscape Evolving Living”. The avenue de Champagne is one of the three most representative sites in the area and the work of producing, developing and marketing Champagne wine.

In Champagne houses and private mansions, this straight line of more than a kilometer is lined with buildings of an architecture marked from the late nineteenth century.

Individual and large houses Trading houses make up a coherent whole aligned on the Avenue and rhythmated by high massive and worked gates.



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A taste of the Champagne region of France; Terry Lee; LiveShareTravel

France – Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars

How special is a place that not just a monument, but the whole region, is declared a UNESCO World Heritage site? Say hello to the Champagne region of France.

It’s an area of enticing landscapes, small, medieval towns, time-honoured traditions, and of course the gold standard of wines – champagne.

The Champagne wine region lies east of Paris and produces more than 320 million bottles of bubbly each year, from around 280,000 vineyards.

But it is not just the bubbly that draws visitors here, like any good wine region it has excellent restaurants and local dishes.

Put them together and the Champagne region of France becomes a haven of taste.

As I was to discover, champagne isn’t just one wine, it has a range of flavours and notes that make it very versatile and the perfect partner for many foods.

Savour the Champagne region here…

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