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Discover history underground in Arras; Independent


The French city of Arras unexpectedly delivers the perfect weekend getaway for culture seekers. Blending French and Flemish design it’s just over an hour’s drive from Calais. Its subterranean attractions make it something of an alternative to visiting Edinburgh, and it includes a visit to the Louvre — but without setting foot in Paris.

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18 Places to Go in France in 2018 (from someone who lives there); Leah Walker; Leah Travels

France – Belfries of Belgium and France

As a Paris resident, I’ve traveled extensively throughout my adopted home country Thus, I’m sharing with you my 18 places to go in France in 2018.

Well, hello 2018! I say this every January, but can you believe how fast last year flew by? In last year’s post, “17 Fantastic French Experiences to have in 2017,” I recounted some of my favorite things to do in France. This year, I’m giving you 18 places to go in France in 2018. These are all spots that I visited in 2017 and highly recommend. Several, in fact, are easy day trips from Paris. Grab a glass of something good, sit back, and prepare for some French wanderlust. If you’re still wanting more after these 3,000 words and 34 photos, be sure to check out my France Guide.


In the fall, I got a taste of Angers.

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Belfries of Belgium and France – Beffroi – Gravelines, France; Pmaupin; Waymarking

France – Belfries of Belgium and France

Quick Description: [EN] The Belfry was first built in 1608, rebuilt between 1822 and 1827, and was listed as a historic monument in 1948. [FR] Le Beffroi a été construit une première fois en 1608, reconstruit entre 1822 et 1827, il a été inscrit au titre des monuments historiques en 1948.

Period of construction: 1822-1827; Date of classification: Classified as UNESCO World Heritage in July 2005; Typology: Isolated belfry; Architect: Bruno Grawez; Materials: Yellow sand brick, limestone; Height: 27 meters.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a “Historic Monument”, the Dunkirk Belfry was erected around 1827.

Gravelines built its first belfry in 1608, but soon this communal tower suffered the onslaught of time, worsening the condition of the building over the years.

In 1821, the building becomes too dangerous for passers-by and houses, so it is destroyed.

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Beyond Paris: Louvre-Lens and Pas-de-Calais; Beverly Mann; Creators

Photo: City of Beverly Hills

Beverly Mann wandered through centuries, marveling at the masterpieces of De Vinci, Michelangelo, Delacroix, Rafael and 18th-century Islamic artists — all while viewing a country landscape revealed through massive windows. She was encased in the new Louvre-Lens Museum in the former coal-mining town of Lens, situated just a little over an hour by high-speed train from Paris.

Source: Beyond Paris: Louvre-Lens and Pas-de-Calais, by Travel Writers