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Secret paradise: Escaping the crowds on the Canary Islands’ La Gomera; Catherine Murphy; Independent

Mount Teide is suspended in a sea of cloud, its pyramid- shaped peak visible from the neighbouring island of La Gomera where Catherine Murphy stands.

Source: Secret paradise: Escaping the crowds on the Canary Islands’ La Gomera

Venturing off the beaten track to experience a family holiday on the island of La Gomera; Janice Hopper; Press and Journal

Spain – Garajonay National Park

With direct flights from Aberdeen Airport to Tenerife, the Canaries have been a popular family holiday destination for years. But for those seeking a refreshing change then consider Tenerife’s charismatic neighbour, La Gomera.

This small, green island works well for families looking for something a little off grid, and for Scots seeking year-round sunshine slightly off the beaten track.

La Gomera offers the family-friendly resort, the sandy beaches and the sunshine, but it has a very different vibe. Valle Gran Rey on the west coast of the island has a cool, alternative scene.

Visitors won’t find epic water parks or vast shopping malls, but it does boast miles of sandy beach, an enticing esplanade, a sheltered “baby beach”, and Mother Nature serves up one of the best sunsets in Europe.

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La Gomera: Little-known Canary island; Laura French; Travel Weekly


Spain – Garajonay National Park

Laura French finds out first-hand why little-known La Gomera should be on your radar.

There are certain parts of the world that words and photos can’t quite do justice. The tiny, volcanic and barely known Canary island of La Gomera is one of those places, with scenes so dramatic they make Jurassic Park look dull.

In the north, fluorescent green slopes plunge into winding valleys, dotted with villages, vineyards and farmhouses.

In the south, red, desert-like rocks tower over giant cacti and black-sand beaches, so that it looks like some strange amalgamation of the arid American wild west and the lush Austrian Tyrol.

“The volcanic island is a place that words can’t do justice, with scenes so dramatic they make Jurassic Park look dull.”

It’s about as far from the brash streets and bright lights of south Tenerife as you can possibly imagine.

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How Many National Parks Are There In The Canary Islands?; Oishimaya Sen Nag; WorldAtlas

Spain – Garajonay National Park

The national parks of the Canary Islands protect and conserve the unique landscape, flora, and fauna of the archipelago.

The Canary Islands is an archipelago located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is an autonomous community of Spain and has seven major islands and several smaller ones. The islands of the Canary Islands are of volcanic origin and feature unique landforms, flora, and fauna. Several endemic species reside on these islands. The national parks of the Canary Islands thus serve to protect the unique landscapes and wildlife of the archipelago and also attract tourists in large numbers. Here is a list of the four national parks of the Canary Islands:

4. Caldera de Taburiente National Park

This national park is located in the La Palma Island of the archipelago.

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