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Germany’s Cultural Connect; Outlook India

Take a dip into the German culture right from the comfort of your living room, with magnificent high definition virtual tours

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Two World’s Heritage List Sites Overlooked in Germany; Al Awsat

The World Heritage List includes over 1,100 sites in 167 countries across the world, and the number is growing. Among these are many popular German landmarks like Berlin’s Museum Island, the Cologne Cathedral, and the Bauhaus sites. But the UNESCO list includes many more sites in Germany that haven’t acquired the same fame.

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7 of the world’s most amazing cathedrals; RTE

Some of the world’s most beautiful cathedral.

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New Hotel Will Open in Cologne; Iuliia Tore; Rus Tourism News

An existing, listed hotel in Cologne is being redesigned and supplemented with a new building for the Lifestyle brand. The hotel will boast 262 rooms.

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Germany’s most famous sights; Sabine Peschel & Elisabeth Jahn; Deutsche Welle

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Romance of the rail; Neeta Lal; Tribune India

Nothing matches the charm of train travel, especially across Europe’s historic and beautiful cities and its scenic countryside…

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Prost! German Christmas markets a jolly good time; Ian Shantz; Toronto Sun

As gluhwein coursed through our veins, the sounds of festive music filling the air as revellers roamed the temporary annual snow globe that is the Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral — a.k.a….

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Welcome to Cologne; BedTimes Magazine

Get ready to peruse the halls of Interzum during the day and enjoy some of the sites, tastes and beauty of this German city during off-hours Consider this your crash course in what to see and do in Cologne, Germany. This month, many members of the bedding industry will be destined for Cologne to take…

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How to Spend 5 Days in Germany; A Greek Adventure

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

Why a 5 days in Germany itinerary? Because Germany has lots and lots of interesting cities and locations. Most people are very busy from Monday to Sunday on their daily hustles and bustles and thus get no time to visit other places.

However, the fact that you are busy all week long is not enough reason not to explore the world.

A 5 days in Germany itinerary

If you don’t know where to start from the next time you get time, Germany is a good place to begin with.

If you still aren’t sure of where to begin from, don’t worry as we are more than glad to show you how to spend 5 days in Germany. You can also read more posts for Munich, Germany from here and here.

Day one: What to do in Berlin?

1. Visit the Grunewald forest

If you are planning to go to Germany for the first time, stopping at Berlin, which Germany’s capital city make you feel you are at the right place.

If you love nature, Grunewald forest is a good place to start your adventure from.

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20 Things to do in Cologne, Germany; Hannah Lukaszewich; Getting Stamped

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

With so many things to see and do, Cologne is a great option for travelers looking to avoid the crowds of tourists that throng the streets of more popular destinations such as Prague, Florence, and Venice. While there are a plethora of attractions that will entice visitors throughout the year, the two most popular times to visit are during Oktoberfest and around Christmas, when twinkling traditional markets fill the squares with their delightful wares. The fourth largest city in the whole of Germany is a relatively undiscovered gem in comparison with other destinations. To help you out, here are some of our favorite things to do in Cologne.


This huge cathedral is remarkably the most visited landmark in the country. Its twin spires dominate the Cologne skyline and you´re going to want to take a trip to the top for the breathtaking panoramic views of the city below. While the 509 steps do make it quite hard work, you’ll definitely be glad that you made the effort once you’re up there.

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Christmas in Cologne, Germany; Susan; Between Naps On The Porch

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

Welcome to the 465th Metamorphosis Monday!

Merry Christmas! Since Met Monday falls on Christmas Day this year, I’m putting this post up a bit early. I guess my Before and After this week is a travel one since I’m spending Christmas in a way I’ve never done before: floating down the Rhine River stopping every so often to visit the Christmas Markets and historic sites we find along the way.

The Christmas Markets have all closed now, but our program director has said there will be additional markets to shop in  later during this trip. Forgotten where those are now…maybe Heidelberg. For this Met Monday I thought I’d share a few photos from the Christmas Markets we visited while in Cologne. Photography is a bit of a challenge because even during these last few days before Christmas, the markets have been packed.

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10 Amazing Gothic Style Churches; WorldAtlas

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

Gothic was a style of architecture popular in Europe throughout the medieval period.

Gothic was a style of architecture popular in Europe throughout the medieval period. The style was preceded by Romanesque architecture and succeeded by Renaissance architecture. The Gothic style originated from France in the 12th century and held dominance up until the 16th century. Some elements of the architectural style included the flying buttress, ribbed vault, and pointed arch. It was the design of choice for many of Europe’s churches, cathedrals, and abbeys. Other forms of structures made in the Gothic style include palaces, universities, castles guild, and town halls. Many large Gothic-style churches are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and are considered to be great works of art. The Gothic architectural style, especially for churches and cathedrals, is widely studied all over the world.

10. St. Mary’s Basilica

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Awe-Inspiring Wonders: The Tallest Church Buildings In The World; WorldAtlas.com

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

Prior to the advent of the skyscrapers, impressive church buildings of the world held the title of the world’s tallest buildings.

Since the Middle Ages, until the skyscrapers dotted the skies of modern cities across the world, Christian church buildings were among some of the tallest and biggest buildings in the world. For example, from 1311 to 1884, the Lincoln Cathedral of England enjoyed the title of being the world’s tallest building replacing the Pyramid Of Giza by its sheer height. However, on 1884, the Washington Monument stole the glory from the Lincoln Cathedral and became the world’s tallest building instead.

5. Beauvais Cathedral –

The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is located in Beauvais, northern France. The cathedral whose construction was initiated in the 13th century serves as the seat of the Bishop of Beauvais, Noyon, and Senlis.


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Finding The Best View In Cologne, Germany; Yaya & Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

The sun came out to play the next day in Cologne! It’s funny how a little thing like blue skies can change the look of a city so much.

After a quick walk through the city to burn off the breakfast calories, we found ourselves back at Cologne Cathedral, totally determined to climb it!

By the way, you can only pay the admissions fee here in cash, as we found out the hard way so be sure you have you cash on you before you join the queue to climb the cathedral.

I don’t know if it’s just me but when it comes to things like this, I get the strangest ‘performance anxiety’ just before doing it! It’s so irrational but I feel like it comes from me steeling myself for a hard climb.

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5 German Cities Worth Visiting; LC Haughey; Go Backpacking

Germany – Cologne Cathedral

Europe as a continent is perfect for road trips. Rather than drive through endless borders, you could indulge in a bit of slow travel and explore one single country on wheels.

In my opinion, Germany would be ideal. Although Europe is packed with culture and history, Deutschland’s is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, for many reasons.

A dream trip would be to charter a bus in Germany and drive across the country, soaking up the culture and views along the way.

Here are some German cities that you should visit.


You can’t go to Germany without spending some time in its capital. I’ve raved about Berlin before, and I’d happily do it again. It’s a special place, particularly because there’s such a varied amount of things to do there.

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