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Photo credit: diegograndi / iStock via Getty ImagesSalvador de Bahia, on Brazil’s east coast, was the country’s first capital. Its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is full of Renaissance-era churches and palaces and houses painted in pastels. The center’s Pelourinho district is particularly dense in impressive buildings and monuments.

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Discover the African soul of #Brazil in its Bahia province #travel #beaches; Just Go Places

Brazil – Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia

There’s more to do in Bahia Brazil than its stunning beaches (Bahia Brazil beaches are famously beautiful and the province has the most coastline of any in Brazil). What more can you do? Lots of things associated with Brazil comes from Bahia – capoeira, samba, carnival etc. The capital city of Salvador has a historic centre that is UNESCO listed. The Salvador Carnival can rival Rio in its fun street party atmosphere. Outside Salvador, you will find national parks (including one visited by Charles Darwin) and colonial villages where African slaves created their own Afro-Catholic religion.

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