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‘We’ve had a gutful’: Traditional owners threaten to shut Kakadu as park falls into disrepair; Adam Harvey & Ali Russell; ABC 

At a time when tourism operators are banking on a boom in the domestic market, Australia’s biggest national park is falling into disrepair as a bitter dispute over management rages.

Source: ‘We’ve had a gutful’: Traditional owners threaten to shut Kakadu as park falls into disrepair

A saltwater croc has been spotted in a car park in a National Park; Olivia Day & Brett Lackey; DailyMail

A huge saltwater crocodile has been spotted by local tradie walking through a car park in the remote Kakadu National Park, with rangers saying recent flooding means there will be more crocs in the area.

Source: A saltwater croc has been spotted in a car park in a National Park

Park ranger films a three-metre saltwater crocodile crossing the road; Brett Lackey; Daily Mail

A huge three-metre crocodile has been filmed crossing a dirt road in the remote Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

Source: Park ranger films a three-metre saltwater crocodile crossing the road

Top family destinations and resorts in Australia; Sue White; Tourism Australia

From pristine islands and cultural experiences to cities lapped with laid back beaches, discover Australia’s best holiday destinations for families.

Source: Top family destinations and resorts in Australia – Tourism Australia

Luxury Escapes Guide to Darwin; Luxury Escapes

Perched in the Top End, Darwin’s stunning remoteness has cultivated a unique culture, cafe and art scene that is wholly its own — this is no place to rush.

Source: Luxury Escapes Guide to Darwin

12 ridiculously beautiful places in Australia you need to add to the bucket list; Julie Delahaye; Mirror

Beautiful places in Australia including Kakadu National Park, Gippsland Lakes, Lizard Island and Hardy Reef…

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Australia’s Top End: Six-Day Tour of Darwin, Litchfield National Park and UNESCO World Heritage-Listed Kakadu National Park , Australia; Luxury Escapes

Today’s Luxury Escapes Travel Deal: Australia’s Top End: Six-Day Tour of Darwin, Litchfield National Park and UNESCO World Heritage-Listed Kakadu National Park . Buy Now & Save 19% on Luxury Escapes Travel Deals.

Source: Australia’s Top End: Six-Day Tour of Darwin, Litchfield National Park and UNESCO World Heritage-Listed Kakadu National Park , Australia

5 Must Visit Attractions In Australia; Akshay Kumar Yadav; Top Count

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the stunning Blue Mountains National Park named for the blue haze emanating from the numerous eucalyptus bushes. This lovely park protects around 664,000 acres of the barren region and encompasses dramatic gorges, waterfalls, aboriginal rock artwork, and a hundred and forty kilometers of trekking trails.


The things we keep: Why Australia must protect its national heritage; David Yencken; Foreground

Buildings, parks and places form the cultural roots of society, writes David Yencken AO in this extract from his new book on Australia’s national heritage.

Source: The things we keep: Why Australia must protect its national heritage

5 alternative safaris for active adventurers; Suzanne King; Skyscanner’s Travel Blog

You’ve heard of (or maybe even seen) the Big Five, but what about these alternatives? From big cats to polar bears, these are safaris with a difference…

Source: 5 alternative safaris for active adventurers | Skyscanner’s Travel Blog

Exploring Kakadu National Park’s Best Attractions; Marianne Rogerson; Mum On The Move

Kakadu National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. From rock art to swimming holes and finding crocodiles, discover all the best things to do in Australia’s biggest national park.

Source: Exploring Kakadu National Park’s Best Attractions

12 Things To Do In Darwin & Australia’s Northern Territory – A 6D5N Campervan Adventure Itinerary; Chiara Ang; The Smart Local

From wetland adventures in an airboat to defying death in the cage of death, this 6D5N campervan adventure was made for adrenaline junkies.

Source: 12 Things To Do In Darwin & Australia’s Northern Territory – A 6D5N Campervan Adventure Itinerary

7 Of The Best Walks & Treks In The World; Desta Cullen; Flight Centre

Don your boots, grab a pack and walk this way… Regardless of whether you consider yourself an active traveller, there are some walks and treks that need to be on your bucket list. There’s just something about getting into nature and tramping about a foreign landscape to fully experience a new culture.

Source: 7 Of The Best Walks & Treks In The World | Flight Centre

Kakadu National Park: The ‘Soul Of Australia‘ Has Some Of The Oldest Rock Art In The World; Michelle Freson; Galactic Connection

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Australia’s natural wonders; MSN

Australia – Kakadu National Park

From the famous Great Barrier Reef to the beautiful Twelve Apostles, here’s a peek into the delightful places you could visit in Australia.

Blessed with amazing reefs, rocks and beaches, Australia boasts some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Take a tour of these awesome locations that will make you want to visit them right away.


This wildlife sanctuary is located off Tasmania’s east coast and houses historic ruins, dramatic cliffs and sweeping bays that are accessible only via ferry. The Painted Cliffs at Hopground Beach are patterned sandstone shaped by the water and wind. The shoreline contains a fascinating marine life and the island is a hotspot for bird watching with 11 of Tasmania’s 12 endemic species found here.


Formerly known as the Olgas, Kata Tjuta is about 31 miles from Uluru.

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Kakadu National Park; Viator

Australia – Kakadu National Park

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park is a massive Northern Territory nature reserve, clocking in at 4.2 million acres (1.7 million hectares). With sandstone escarpments, secret waterholes, billabongs, and lily-strewn waterways, Kakadu is an introduction to wild Australia. Read on to learn what to see and do in the country’s largest national park.

The Basics

On Kakadu National Park tours and Top End adventures, you’ll find opportunities to encounter exotic animals such as dingoes, wallabies, dugongs, and saltwater crocodiles, and also discover Aboriginal culture, from ancient aboriginal rock art at Ubirr and Nourlangie to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Cooinda, where visitors pore over traditional bush food and didgeridoos. Ubirr is uniquely beautiful, located at the foot of a food plain, with prominent rock formations standing as guardians of the Arnhem Land.

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Kakadu National Park in Australia: Stunning drone video; Maggie Hiufu Wong; CNN Travel

Australia – Kakadu National Park

For the first time, drones have been allowed to fly inside Kakadu National Park — Australia’s largest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Territory.
And the results are gorgeous.
Created by Australia production company Salty Wings and Tourism Northern Territory (NT), “A Journey Through Kakadu” is a series of bird’s-eye view videos highlighting the park’s top attractions, from pristine plunge pools at Gunlom Falls to the sandstone cliffs of the Arnhem Land Plateau and 20,000-year-old rock art.
“Kakadu isn’t only a dual heritage national park but also the home to many Aboriginal people who have been the traditional land owners for thousands of years,” Robert Crack, director of international operations for Tourism NT, tells CNN.
“Restrictions on filming are put in place to respect the land and the ancient culture, as well as to enforce the protection of Australia’s national parks.”

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Visiting Australia’s Northern Territory? Here’s what you can expect; Jeff Colhoun; Matador Network

Australia – Kakadu National Park

AUSTRALIA has so much more to offer beyond Sydney, white sand beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef. I was fortunate enough to go to the Northern Territory — the Top End, which is the Northern strip of this territory. Check out some of my favorite images from this intriguing and relatively unvisited area.

The Northern Territory is sparsely populated — the fewest residents of all the Australian states. But it occupies 1/6th of the country’s land, so it’s a place of wide open spaces and is the site of Alice Springs, the normal stop-off for people seeing the Outback and visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park . I visited 3 areas within the NT: Darwin, Kakadu, and Arnhem Land.

Darwin was named after Charles Darwin and has just about 140k inhabitants. It’s the bustling metropolis of the Northern Territory and 15th most populated city in Australia.

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The Timeless Appeal of Australia’s Top End; Wayfarer

Australia – Kakadu National Park

Amid a diverse landscape of gorges and wetlands, Aboriginal culture lives on in the Top End, ready to captivate adventurous travelers like AFAR Ambassador Michaela Trimble.

My first hike in Kakadu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in northern Australia, can’t be found on a map. My local guide Greig Taylor from Lord’s Kakadu and Arnhemland Safaris took me to one of his most cherished places within the park, a hidden rock cove not too far from Barramundi Gorge. After walking deeper into this secluded locale, I caught a glimpse of swimming holes set beneath stone outcroppings before reaching a cliff.

Gazing up at the rock ceiling above me, I was astounded by the visions of kangaroos, sacred ceremonies, and other mysterious scenes.

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SLAUGHTER: 3,600 wild horses shot down in mass animal cull; Vincent Wood & Maria Ortega; Daily Express

Australia – Kakadu National Park

RANGERS have shot down roughly 20 per cent of the wild animals of Kakadu Park, a Unesco world heritage site in the Australian Northern Territory, because the animals could cause ‘damage’ to the region.

Some 3,652 wild horses were shot from a helicopter by a team of rangers in the Australian national park.

A further 1,965 buffalo, 294 pigs as well as some donkeys were slaughtered in the ariel culling.

Much of the land, which was fully listed as a UNESCO site in 1992, is still owned by aboriginal Bininj and Mungguy people who have been rooted in the land for tens of thousands of years.

But park officials claim the mass culling – the biggest since 2009 when 7,000 so-called-pests were killed – was necessary to protect the “sensitive ecosystem” of Kakadu.

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