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Teams shortlisted to design Albania’s Unesco site centre; Joe Quirke; Global Construction Review

Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic

Four teams led by architects from Japan, Finland, France and UK have been shortlisted to design a visitor centre for Butrint National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site on Albania’s Ionian coastline.

Source: Teams shortlisted to design Albania’s Unesco site centre – Global Construction Review

A cheap vacation in the Riviera? Try Albania; Davia A Andelman; USA Today

Albania – Butrint

SARANDA, Albania — Nestled in the remote eastern corner of the Adriatic, where it joins the Ionian Sea, is a 125-mile stretch of beachfront real estate unlike most others in the world. This little-known edge of Europe is called the Albanian Riviera. It differs sharply from its counterparts, the French and Italian Rivieras, by its cost — a week there could give you barely a few hours in its snazzier, snootier namesakes.

Certainly there are other vacation beach fronts along the brilliant blue waters of the Adriatic: the increasingly popular Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, for example. But few visitors uncover the beauty and simplicity of Albania, which at one time was Europe’s most thuggish communist gulag but is now America’s most slavishly devoted ally on the continent.

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