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Enchanting sea of clouds on Mount Huangshan in E China; CGTN

Source: Enchanting sea of clouds on Mount Huangshan in E China

Mt. Huang brimming with spectacular vista; Li Yan; ECNS

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Clouds roll across Mount Huang; Li Yan; ECNS

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Mount Huangshan in sea of clouds; Li Yan; ECNS

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Snow scenery of Huangshan in east China’s Anhui; Yang Yi; Xinhua

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China’s ancient tree guardian; Mo Hong’e; Xinhua

In order to facilitate his work, Hu has learned a great deal about meteorology, insectology and botany on his own over the years. The first guardian was appointed to guard the Greeting Pine in 1981.

Source: China’s ancient tree guardian

Mount Huangshan in autumn beauty; ECNS

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Closer encounter with nature at Huangshan International Mountaineering Festival; China Daily

China – Mount Huangshan

Thousands of hiking enthusiasts gathered at Huangshan Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site in east China’s Anhui province to attend the 13th International Mountaineering Festival on Sunday while appreciating the mountain’s incredibly enthralling views.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country that can attract up to 50,000 visitors a day, Huangshan holds this year’s mountaineering festival, calling for participants from both home and abroad in an effort to encourage the development of recreational sports and national fitness.

Both the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer routes start from the Huangshan Scenic Area North Gate, and will pass the mountain’s main scenic spots, allowing hikers to fully enjoy picturesque natural landscapes.

‘Four Wonders of Huangshan’

The marvelous Huangshan Mountain is famed for its four unique scenes: Peculiarly-shaped granite rocks, ancient pines, mystical seas of clouds touching the mountainsides, and hot springs.

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