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The age-old mystery of a UK cathedral; BBC

Photo: Holger Leue

New research is proving that the stained glass at Canterbury Cathedral is among the oldest in the world.

Source: The age-old mystery of a UK cathedral

Councillor admits he didn’t know city has World Heritage status; Joe Wright; Kent Online

Photo: Kent Online

A councillor caused a stir after admitting he didn’t know Canterbury held World Heritage status – an accolade it has held since 1988.

Source: Councillor admits he didn’t know city has World Heritage status

5 ways to unwind in Canterbury; Jennika Argent; A Luxury Travel Blog

Jennika Argent’s trips in the UK are few and far between, but she’s always pleasantly surprised by how beautifully manicured England can be and Canterbury is no exception. Aside from its grand status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it maintains a pleasant small-town charm, with a youthful energy brought in by a large population of students attending its four universities (which also keeps the price of drinks down!).

Source: 5 ways to unwind in Canterbury

Past etched in stone; Rashmi Gopal Rao; Tribune India

UK – Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey, and St Martin’s Church

An ancient city, part of which is also a Unesco World Heritage Site, Canterbury, is consistently rated as one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom.  Steeped in history, Canterbury is one of the most beautiful cities in southeast England in the county of Kent and is situated on the Stour river.

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