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UNESCO expresses solidarity with Ouro Preto and Congonhas cities in Minas Gerais; DevDiscourse

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“The disaster that has occurred in Ouro Preto – the first Brazilian historical city inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – constitutes a loss for humanity.

Source: UNESCO expresses solidarity with Ouro Preto and Congonhas cities in Minas Gerais | Headlines

Moment huge landslide downs power lines and destroys historic mansion; Adry Torres; Daily Mail

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Video footage captured the frightening moment a 19th century, two-story mansion was crushed by a landslide in Ouro Petro, Brazil, on Thursday. No injuries or casualties were reported.

Source: Moment huge landslide downs power lines and destroys historic mansion

13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Located in Brazil; Romullo Baratto; ArchDaily

Brazil – Historic Town of Ouro Preto

With more than five centuries of recorded history and many more years of pre-colonial traditions and customs, Brazil is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List with 13 historical sites.

The website Viagem Turismo compiled a list with images and detailed information about each of the 13 sites. The list ranges from the Serra da Capivara National Park, “full of rocky caves covered with rock paintings” made more than 25 thousand years ago, to the modern capital of Brazil, Brasília, founded in 1960.

The thirteen historical sites listed by UNESCO are:

  • Historic Center of Ouro Preto (MG)
  • Historic Center of Olinda (PE)
  • Ruins of São Miguel das Missões (RS)
  • Historic Center of Salvador (BA)
  • Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos in Congonhas (MG)
  • Brasília (DF)
  • Serra da Capivara National Park (PI)
  • Historic Center of São Luís (MA)
  • Historic Center of Diamantina (MG)
  • Historic Center of Goiás (GO)

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Minas Gerais: Why you should see this overlooked Brazilian state; Kevin Raub; CNN.com

When most people think of Brazil, it goes something like this: Toes in the sands of Copacabana Beach in Rio, sipping on caipirinhas — the national cocktail crafted with a rum-like spirit distilled from sugar cane called cachaça — all set to a sun-drenched samba soundtrack.

That’s nice and all, but Brazil’s beauty extends way beyond sun, sand and samba.
In the interior state of Minas Gerais, Brazil’s heartland beckons. This landlocked wonderland of rolling pastoral hills and postcard-perfect mountains is steeped in colonial history and boasts a culinary pedigree that counts itself among the South American giant’s heartiest and richest.
This is Brazilian God’s country.

Deep culinary credibility

When Brazilians talk food, they’ll usually tell you the gaúchos in the South are the best at beef and Paulistanos are the best at pizza and everything gourmet.

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