Jordan’s Wadi Rum in Pictures, a Green Prophet Journey; Faisal O’Keefe; Green Prophet

Photo source: Green Prophet

Jordan’s magical red dessert is short on plastic bags, throwaway bottles, and paper litter.  Begs the question, does raw nature shame us into better environmental behavior?  If so, a stay in Wadi Rum nature reserve should be a national obligation. Most people blow past Wadi Rum in the race to Aqaba’s beaches or Petra’s ruins.

Source: Jordan’s Wadi Rum in Pictures, a Green Prophet Journey – Green Prophet

Dagestan: Russia’s Wild But Beguiling Southern Frontier; James Brooke; VoA News

Photo: James Brooke

Journalists love superlatives, and Russia’s southernmost republic, Dagestan, obliges. Of Russia’s 83 regions, Dagestan last year recorded the highest level of political violence — 53 bombings and 405 dead. Last year, Tamerlan Tsarnaev spent six months in Dagestan. Last month, world attention swiveled to Dagestan when Tsarnaev emerged as the lead suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

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Ancient Gardens of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka; G Ryan Smith; Land8

Sri Lanka – Ancient City of Sigiriya

In 2003, G Ryan Smith visited Sigiriya while on a field study abroad in grad school. At the time, he was struck by the formal similarities between it and the Renaissance gardens he was learning about in landscape history classes, despite Sigiriya having been built more than a millennium earlier. Ryan Smith was also struck by the apparent ingenuity and technical ability of these ancient builders in shaping the land and hydrologic systems. The gardens not only feature fountains that function to this day, but the surrounding…

Source: Ancient Gardens of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka – Land8