10 Reasons to Visit Stockholm; Joyce Chepkemoi; WorldAtlas

Sweden – Royal Domain of Drottningholm

Stockholm, the capital and largest city of Sweden, offers a wealth of tourist activities.

Stockholm is the Swedish capital and covers an area of 73 square miles spread across 14 islands. It is one of the most visited cities in Scandinavia partly due to its world-class infrastructure and accommodation within the city. However, it is the city’s numerous historical and modern attractions which truly leave visitors impressed.

10. Stockholm metro

The Stockholm metro is the main transportation system used to get around the city of Stockholm. The 65.7 mile-long metro system was opened on October 1, 1950 and ferries over 300 million passengers per year. It is unique for its display of artwork, as it is actually considered to be the longest art exhibit in the world with 68.3 miles of the metro decorated with beautiful forms of art.

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Europe’s Last Major Primeval Forest on ‘Brink of Collapse’; Christian Davies; Guardian

Poland – Białowieża Forest

Scientists and environmental campaigners have accused the Polish government of bringing the ecosystem of the Białowieża forest in north-eastern Poland to the “brink of collapse” one year after a revised forest management plan permitted the trebling of state logging activity and removed a ban on logging in old growth areas.

Large parts of the forest, which spans Poland’s eastern border with Belarus and contains some of Europe’s last remaining primeval woodland, are subject to natural processes not disturbed by direct human intervention.

A UNESCO natural world heritage site — the only one in Poland — the forest is home to about 1,070 species of vascular plants, 4,000 species of fungi, more than 10,000 species of insect, 180 breeding bird species and 58 species of mammal, including many species dependent on natural processes and threatened with extinction.

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A poetic wander on Japan’s Basho trail; Richard Madden; The National

Japan – Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range

“Fleas and lice did bite / And I’d hear the horse pass water / Near my bed at night.” Not the most alluring slogan for a holiday destination, perhaps, but in Japan, this famous line pulls in an estimated 10,000 visitors a year. And the numbers are still growing. Among them can now be counted our group of 12 walkers and guide, Giorgio. We sit cross-legged on traditional tatami straw mats around a crackling wood fire. In front of us hangs a metal cooking pot in which a soupy broth (dashi) bubbles and steams beguilingly.

It was in this very house – in fact, in this very same ancient beamed gallery, if the horse in the corner is anything to go by – that these lines were written by the revered 17th-century haiku master Matsuo Basho.

10 Amazing and Popular Tourist Attractions in Africa; Emeka Chigozie; Answers Africa

DR of Congo – Virunga National Park

Africa is fast becoming known as a tourist destination with countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and South Africa making waves and creating a new era in tourism. For countries like Kenya, tourism contribute a very substantial amount to national revenue every year. Certain tourist attractions are popular because there is a special feeling it gives to people who visit such places and this is outside the fact that places like this hold a very rich heritage and recognition. There are a few places in Africa that are worth mentioning when it comes to Africa’s popular tourist destinations. Here are the Top 10 Well Known Tourist Destinations in Africa. 

10. Omo River Region, Ethiopia

The Omo river region is an area in the Southwestern Ethiopia and home to more than 50 different tribes.

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Gal Vihara: The Stone Temple of Sri Lanka; Joy Kam; Tsem Rinpoche

Sri Lanka – Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Gal Vihara, also known as Gal Viharaya, means stone or rock temple in Sinhalese. It is a Buddhist temple situated in the second largest ancient city of Sri Lanka, in the Northern Central Province of Polonnaruwa.

The Buddha images at Gal Vihara are known to be very sacred and highly charged. Many pilgrims and visitors have experienced blessings from the images by gaining spiritual realisations and a higher level of awakening. Although Gal Vihara belonged to Theravadan Buddhism, its monuments do show clear evidence of Mahayana Buddhism’s influence from the 12th century.


The temple was built in the 12th century by King Parakramabahu I (1123 – 1186 CE), and in the beginning it was known as Uttararama or “The Northern Temple”.

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The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc, Czech Republic; Michael Turtle; Time Travel Turtle

Czech Republic – Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc

Did I really travel all the way here just to see a column?

It seems as though I did.

I’ve come to the Czech city of Olomouc as part of my World Heritage Journey – the challenge I have set myself to visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site on earth. I probably wouldn’t have stopped here otherwise, but my research told me there is a site here.

You know what? I probably wouldn’t have even heard of Olomouc otherwise. Had you heard of it before you started reading this post and I mentioned it? Possibly not.

It’s a rather unknown city, even by Czech standards. Everyone knows Prague. Most tourists have heard of Cesky Krumlov. Brno is relatively well known by people in this part of Europe. Olomouc… I have never heard anyone mention it before.

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The 5 Best Lodges in Yosemite; Anne Olivia Bauso; Oyster.com

USA – Yosemite National Park

Every year, millions of visitors trek out to the eastern edge of central California to see the splendor that is Yosemite National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yosemite is famous for its towering waterfalls, majestic granite cliffs, giant sequoia trees, scenic canyons, and wide-ranging wildlife. The summits El Capitan and Half Dome are among Yosemite’s most popular sites, but there is so much more to discover. (Nearly 750,000 acres, actually.) And exploration methods in Yosemite — hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, driving, river rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing — are nearly as vast as the national park itself.

What better way to end a day packed with outdoor activities than to soak in a saltwater hot tub, snack on fireside s’mores, or simply watch the sunset from your cabin deck? Here are the best places to stay for your great California adventure in America’s third-oldest national park.

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A history of Algeria in seven stops; Garry Shaw; Apollo Magazine

Algeria – Tassili n’Ajjer

In 2009, a team excavating at Algiers’ Place des Martyrs in advance of the construction of a new Metro station uncovered a huge archaeological site beneath the square. This unexpected discovery revealed evidence of many centuries of occupation – from Roman ruins and mosaics through to a 7th-century Byzantine necropolis and the remains of an Ottoman-era mosque, all at the heart of the city.

Since then, the Algerian authorities have changed their designs for the Metro station – making it much smaller, and adding an open-air museum, where visitors will be able to view the site’s remains in situ, as well as a museum building for objects that need to be moved inside. Recently, it was announced that this museum-station would be inaugurated in November, bringing the world’s attention to the archaeological discoveries beneath Place des Martyrs and to the country’s often ignored archaeological treasures as a whole.

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Best In Europe 2017: The Hottest Places To Travel This Year; Anna Brech; Grazia Daily

Cyprus – Paphos

Sometimes, all we really want to do is throw a pair of flip-flops into a tote and hit the open road for a dash of adventure.

And when that urge grabs us, we want to head for a destination that’s off the beaten track and far from the madding crowds.

Step forward, the travel pros at Lonely Planet, who have just compiled a shortlist of Europe’s most “outstanding, underrated and overlooked” hot spots in Europe this year.

The eclectic top 10 edit stretches from the remote and mystical island scenery of Gotland to an ebullient Normandy port and a much-loved Yorkshire city.

Feast your eyes on Europe’s most exciting places to pop on your radar for 2017, below, and get booking that escape pronto…

1. Zagreb, Croatia

Lonely Planet says: “Urban regeneration is making the city over.”

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Auschwitz a grim reminder of man-made horrors; North-West Evening Mail

Poland – Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)

ON Monday this week, I spent the day at the world’s largest cemetery and mass grave – Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. There can be no greater monument to man’s inhumanity to man than this Unesco World Heritage site, rightly preserved and maintained for future generations.

Walking between the blocks, seeing the piles of shoes and suitcases, shaving brushes, children’s hair tresses and a tangled tower of spectacles; then pausing at the main square with its gallows where prisoners were arbitrarily put to death in front of fellow inmates lined up for roll calls which lasted sometimes a full day, it is of course impossible not to wonder at mankind’s apparently endless capacity to kill and destroy.

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