The 21 best trips for foodies around the world; Sophie-Claire Hoeller; This Is Insider

Colombia – Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia

Food is undoubtedly a huge part of any trip.

But for some people, food is the only reason for the trip.

From a Puerto Rican highway famous for its pork to an Italian forest filled with white truffles, we’ve found some of the most epic foodie trails and destinations around the world.

Oysters in Galway, Ireland

While more famous for Guinness beer and Irish whiskey, real oyster connoisseurs should head to Ireland, and more specifically Galway, to sample the famous Kelly oyster — an extra large, extra salty bivalve. Moran’s Oyster Cottage, which has been open since 1797 and in the same family for seven generations, is a must, as well as the annual Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival in September, which also hosts the world’s annual oyster opening championship.

Pork at the Ruta del Lechón, Puerto Rico

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Bucket List: Sigiriya, Sri Lanka’s Mighty Fortress; Emma Weissmann; Travel Age West

Sri Lanka – Ancient City of Sigiriya

This UNESCO World Heritage Site caters to art lovers, history buffs and adrenaline junkies alike

It’s not often that a single attraction has the ability to capture the curiosities of art lovers, history buffs and adrenaline junkies. But at Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya, an ancient fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site that towers more than 1,000 feet above sea level, adventurous clients are sure to get their cultural fix — and a workout to boot.

Once an ancient capital for Sri Lankan King Kashyapa nearly 1,600 years ago, Sigiriya — perhaps most easily identified by the massive, 600-foot-tall vertical granite peak at its center — has since functioned as a palace, a Buddhist monastery, a royal residence and, now, as one of the most-visited attractions in the country.

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Wood Buffalo National Park under siege, fears visiting UNESCO World Heritage Committee; BILL MAH; Edmonton Journal

Canada – Wood Buffalo National Park

Canada risks the embarrassment of Wood Buffalo National Park joining the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in danger, says a northern Alberta First Nation.

A committee of international experts from UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – starts a 10-day monitoring mission Sunday to look at how oil, gas and hydro projects nearby will affect the national park.

UNESCO approached Canada last year to invite its team to the park after it received a petition from the Mikisew Cree First Nation that asked for the site to be added a list of world heritage locations in danger. Wood Buffalo, straddling the Alberta-Northwest Territories border, has been a World Heritage site since 1983. The mission takes place Sept. 25 to Oct. 4.

“We felt the site was just basically being neglected, being forgotten,” said Melody Lepine, of the Mikisew Cree First Nation.

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UNESCO snub prompts Tasmanian World Heritage Area plan rejig; Emilie Gramenz;

Australia – Tasmanian Wilderness

The Tasmanian Government has begun an assessment of the cultural values of the state’s Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA), as it prepares a response to criticism from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) over its management plans.

Last year, UNESCO’s 21-member World Heritage Committeerejected Tasmania Government’s plans to change the way the TWWHA is managed, including rezoning some areas for tourism and allowing the logging of specialty timbers.

The Government has since abandoned logging proposals for the area.

UNESCO also recommended the area’s cultural value, particularly to the Aboriginal community, be properly defined.

The Government, on its website, states the area – which spans across about 1.6 million hectares – is home to:

“Hundreds of archaeological sites, including many cave sites dating from the late Pleistocene and early Holocene epochs.

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Iran Home to 19 UNESCO-Registered Sites; Blackmoon; Pakistan Defense

Iran (Islamic Republic of) – Persepolis

Iran is home to 19 UNESCO-registered sites, including the ancient city of Bisotun and the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis.
Iranian plateau is replete with cultural heritage and historical monuments. These architectural remnants date back somewhere between an average 2000 years.

From the “Jiroft civilization” south of Iran, to the “Shahr-e Sukhteh” or the “Burnt City”, in the south east of the country,; to the “Choghazanbil” Zigurat, one of the rare few ziggurats or Step Pyramids, outside of Mesopotamian heartlands, all the way down to the magnificent Achaemenid palaces of Persepolis and regal tombs in Pasargade, near Shiraz, are all but a few examples of what the land of Persia has to offer, when it comes to ancient history.
Overall some 19 major archaeological sites in Iran have been globally registered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as World Heritage sites.

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Italian ancient caves transformed into a luxurious hotel!; Deviant World

Italy – The Sassi and the Park of the Rupestrian Churches of Matera

The caves of Matera, also known as sassi, are located in southern Italy and have been used since Paleolithic times, when inhabitants began carving out the soft stone to create homes.

Tasked with the challenge of creating a warm, inviting interior with a modern feel, local architecture firm Manca Studio, run by brother-sister duo Alfredo and Marina, expertly blended the historic and contemporary for the La Dimora di Metello Hotel. In their first hotel project, they have embraced the curves of the space, creating four cozy suites, a common area, terrace, and spa spread over 3,200 square feet.

The warm stone walls in the bedrooms hug visitors, giving a sense of security and warmth without feeling claustrophobic.

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No Shortage of Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran; Tasnim News Agency

Iran (Islamic Republic of) – Golestan Palace

Iran has seen an increase in the number of annual visitors over the past few years, and the recent lifting of anti-Tehran sanctions is sure to attract even more.

Home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran has no shortage of sites to see.

When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it boasts an impressive 19 registered cultural sites. Palaces, bazaars, places of worship, and ancient water systems. Let’s explore some of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace was more recently included with UNESCO in 2013. Located footsteps from Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, this lavish palace became the Qajar dynasty’s seat of government. The architecture exemplifies this dynasty’s fusion of early Persian design and Western influences.

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Nara’s Yakushi-ji Temple: A Healing Temple; Kinari Tully; Taiken

Japan – Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara

Yakushi-ji (薬師寺) is a Japanese Buddhist temple of the Hosso sect located in Nara. Yakushi-ji is the head temple of the Hosso sect in Japan. The temple is two things: one of the seven great temples of Nara and a UNESCO world heritage site.

Yakushi-ji is a few rides away by train and by bus from famous destinations in Nara such as Todai-ji Temple near Nara Park. As it is located in a calm area away from the Todai-ji area, it makes Yakushi-ji more of a secret spot to enjoy the atmosphere of Nara and traditional Japan away from big crowds of tourists who flock to Todai-ji or Nara Park.

Yakushi-ji is known as the temple for healing health conditions. In the main hall of Yakushi-ji, there is a statue of Yakushi Nyorai, which is the healing Buddha.

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Russia to send archaeological expedition to Syria; Ivan Zubkov; RBTH

Syrian Arab Republic – Ancient Villages of Northern Syria
Scientists will examine UNESCO World Heritage sites in conflict areas.

Fun things to do & Places to visit on Heritage Day; Yom Zansi

South Africa – Cape Floral Region Protected Areas

We are all excited for the weekend of Heritage. Well alot of people tend to focus so much on the day-off that we tend to forget the story behind why it is a public holiday.
Heritage day is the day when Mzansi people celebrate their history, culture and traditions. Well on this day Mzansi people enjoy nothing more than a good braai, visiting heritage places and hanging out with family and friends.

Below we take a look at fun things you can do on Heritage weekend:

– Chill & Braai at Zoo Lake. This is a popular lake and public park in Johannesburg, where you get to relax and enjoy fun activities.

– Visit Vilakazi Street in Soweto to see some of Soweto’s heritage sites, enjoy good food, arts/ cultural activities

– Shark cage diving is completely safe and fun thing to try out.

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