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30th Anniversary of San Gimignano’s inscription on the World Heritage List; Unesco

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Old Town Of San Gimignano, Italy; Orange Smile

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San Gimignano: A town of fine towers in Tuscany; Wanted In Rome

San Gimignano is a hilltop town in central Tuscany – located midway between Siena and Florence – rich in history and renowned for its skyline of high towers.

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The Best Vegan Gelato In Italy; Miriam Porter; Forbes

According to several sources, gelato dates back to 16th Century Florence when this tasty frozen treat was created.

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Via Francigena: Walking the 1,200-year old pilgrim path in Tuscany; Archana Singh; Firstpost

Almost forgotten for centuries, the Via Francigena is undergoing a renaissance.

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From Siena: San Gimignano, Montalcino & Wine Tasting; Get Your Guide

Spend a day in the Tuscan countryside and discover the charms of medieval San Gimignano and Monteriggioni. Learn about ancient Chianti winemaking traditions, enjoy lunch at a winery, and taste Brunello of Montalcino wines in a local wine cellar.

Source: From Siena: San Gimignano, Montalcino & Wine Tasting

How to Travel & Explore Tuscany; Monica Prelle; REI Co-op Journal

Tuscany is well known for its art, architecture, food and wine, but the central Italian region is also emerging as an unsung hotspot for adventure travel.

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Europe’s Lesser-Visited UNESCO Sites Are Easier Than Ever to Explore; Sarah Buder; Afar

A new online platform spotlights UNESCO World Heritage sites across Europe where you’ll encounter fascinating histories—and fewer crowds.

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End Of Season Sale And Our Italy Trip Part Two; Nora Minassian; Jacket Society

Labor Day Weekend always feels like the end of summer, even though the official end date is September 22nd. It is also the best time to have our End…

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These are the 8 Most Charming Towns in Tuscany; Laura Itzkowitz; Marriott Traveler

Italy – Historic Centre of San Gimignano

Sure, Florence has world-famous art museums housing Renaissance masterpieces, medieval churches, incredible shopping and plenty of amazing restaurants, but to truly understand Tuscany, you’ve got to get out of the capital and explore the countryside.

Many villages are accessible by regional trains, but for the most autonomy, rent a car and map out a road trip through the region’s rolling hills, stopping in these picturesque towns in Tuscany along the way.

San Gimignano

Pisa may be more famous for its leaning tower, but San Gimignano is known throughout Italy for its incredible collection of medieval towers. Out of the 72 towers that once existed, there are 14 still intact, and they create a skyline of medieval skyscrapers.

Wandering through the city center—a UNESCO World Heritage site—feels like stepping back in time. After all, it’s one of the best preserved medieval towns in all of Italy.


Thirty miles south of Florence, the medieval city of Siena is a charming maze of narrow streets that all seem to lead to Piazza del Campo, the picturesque main square.

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5 of the coolest constructions to go visit; BT


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Crumbling walls of Tuscan hill town trigger warnings over Italy’s treasured architecture; John Phillips; Telegraph

Italy – Historic Centre of San Gimignano

The mayor of the medieval Tuscan hill town of San Gimignano says the Unesco world heritage site is being neglected by Italy’s central government after a 65ft stretch of its surrounding 13th century walls collapsed without warning following heavy rainfall.

San Gimignano, described sometimes as a ‘medieval Manhattan’ with its cluster of 13 soaring towers built by the rival Guelph and Ghibelline dynasties, is a popular stop for British tourists in easy reach of Siena.  As many as three million tourists from around the world visit each year.

Giacomo Bassi, the mayor, is furious that central government, because of cuts on local councils, will not allow him to spend some of the millions of reserves in the municipal bank account for upkeep of its monuments.

Repairs had been started recently on other stretches of the walls around San Gimignano that were considered more at risk of erosion. But a recent spate of wet weather undermined foundations in an unexpected area setting off the collapse on Tuesday afternoon of a section of 20 ft walls, local officials said.

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Your Ultimate Italian Road Trip Guide; Flight Centre Blog

Italy – Historic Centre of San Gimignano

Explore Italy in summer the old fashioned way on wheels & visit these destinations that you can’t miss when doing the ultimate road trip through Italy.

The twinkling sun on a deep blue lake, a hazy afternoon in the Tuscan hills, the dazzling seaside with its colourful umbrellas, aquamarine water – and all those people. It may seem like the entire world goes on holiday to Italy during summer, but there is a way to enjoy the intoxicating beauty of the country and avoid some of the buzzing crowds.

Choosing to embark on your own road trip is a good solution. Yes, there’ll be crowded must-see destinations, but there’ll also be undiscovered gems along the way. That’s what’s so great about the freedom of a road trip, and that’s what often makes us want to travel in the first place.

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19 Best Places To Visit In Italy For An Epic Summer Trip; Hand Luggage Only; Hostelworld

Italy – Historic Centre of San Gimignano

Home to jaw-droppingly beautiful villages, epic beaches, amazing nightlife, unspoilt countryside and ALL the pasta, it’s no wonder Italy is high on every backpacker’s bucketlist. Despite its almost universal appeal, Italy isn’t as expensive as you’d expect, and there are loads of ways to make your budget go further: think tasty cheap wine, free fruit and nuts growing wild all over the place and hostels with unlimited free pasta.

The only problem is knowing where to start with a country this epic. To help you out, we’ve put together our guide to the best places to visit in Italy. So grab your passport, pack your sunnies and get yourself a piece of la dolce vita!

1. Manarola, Cinque Terre

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