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Aussie tourist slammed for riding moped through Pompeii; Travel Mole

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Tourist called a ‘barbarian’…

Source: Aussie tourist slammed for riding moped through Pompeii

Aussie tourist slammed by Italian media; Daniela Pizzirani; News.com.au

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An Australian tourist has made international headlines and was labelled a “barbarian” after he was arrested for riding through an UNESCO world heritage site in Italy.

Source: Aussie tourist slammed by Italian media

Pompeii: Rebirth of Italy’s dead city that nearly died again; Frances D’Emilio; AP 

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In a few horrible hours, Pompeii was turned from a vibrant city into an ash-embalmed wasteland, smothered by a furious volcanic eruption in A.D. 79. Then in this century, the excavated Roman city appeared alarmingly close to a second death, assailed by decades of neglect, mismanagement and scant systematic maintenance of the heavily visited ruins.

Source: Pompeii: Rebirth of Italy’s dead city that nearly died again

Making the most of a visit to Pompeii and Vesuvius; Stars Insider

Pompeii and Vesuvius are remarkable places. The volcano wiped out the inhabitants of the city, and yet it was incredibly well preserved because of all the volcanic ash that covered it. A protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pompeii is now a huge tourist attraction, drawing in millions of visitors each year. And, of course, a trip to Pompeii would not be complete without stopping by to see Vesuvius! Click on to find out more about these spectacular places.

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The unique heritage of Herculaneum; Margaret Stenhouse; Wanted In Rome

Herculaneum is less well-known than Pompeii but in many ways it offers a more complete visitor experience. One hot summer day in 79 AD, 300 terrified citizens of the seaside town of Herculaneum fled to the harbour in a desperate attempt to escape from the advancing cloud of deadly pyroclastic dust erupting from the nearby volcano, Vesuvius. Families huddled together inside the row of cave-like warehouses carved out of the seafront wall, clutching their children and their valuables, waiting for the imperial Roman fleet to come and rescue them. Unfortunately, they waited in vain.

Source: The unique heritage of Herculaneum

Italy Travel Guide: A Day Trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius From Naples or Sorrento; Flo; Yoga Wine Travel

Pompeii is one of the most important archaeological sites and tourist attractions in Italy, and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its preservation and the “complete and vivid picture of society and daily life at a specific moment in the past that is without parallel anywhere in the world.” If you are planning a day trip to Pompeii from Sorrento or Naples, read on for what you need to know including opening times, ticket prices, what to see, how to get to Vesuvius from Pompeii and so on!

Source: Italy Travel Guide: A Day Trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius From Naples or Sorrento