Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is now a luxury traveller’s paradise’ CNBC

Last fiscal, about six lakh travellers explored Hampi which is just a drop in the ocean, given its potential. Get latest Economy online at cnbctv18.com…

Source: Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is now a luxury traveller’s paradise


Swarajya Heritage Tours: A Year End Voyage To Vijayanagara, The City Of Victory; Swarajya

Gear up for a weekend heritage tour in December to Hampi.

Source: Swarajya Heritage Tours: A Year End Voyage To Vijayanagara, The City Of Victory

Top Things to do in the Land of Ruins- Hampi; Nataliya Stefanus; Travel Blog

A visit to Hampi will transport you to a different era. A glimpse of the long-lost Vijayanagara Empire is just breathtaking. It is located on the bank…

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Six Less Frequented Tourist Sights That Rival the Main Attractions; Annamarie Houlis; Urban Daddy

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

The Things You Should Do vs. the Things You Must Do

Most of us tend to follow the status quo—if we didn’t, there would be no such status quo. The beaten path is only beaten because so many of us seldom venture off it. We’re a culture so heavily reliant on recommendations (like, well, these) and so keen on sharing that we’ve been there, done that, too, that we tend to miss out on many less publicized, yet equally rich experiences.

Which isn’t to say it’s a waste of money to snap a selfie before the Taj Mahal, or climb the Eiffel Tower, or to buy buckets of booze on Khao San Road. But there are other, far less frequented attractions (for tourists, anyway) that are arguably more worth your time and money in major cities across the globe. Here are some of our favorites…

The Thames Path over the London Eye — London, England

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Hampi goes digital; Subha J Rao; The Hindu

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

How experts of the Indian Digital Heritage Project went the 3D way to preserve sculptures at the UNESCO World Heritage Site

On a calm March evening, I virtually travel hundreds of kilometres from my home in Mangalore to a temple complex by the Tungabhadra river. Courtesy Google Art, Hampi, the pride of the Vijayanagara empire, comes alive through many frames, some of them panoramic. The project gives you an idea of the scale and scope of the temples: the Vitthala complex looms large as do the Stone Chariot, Bhim’s Gate and the Maha mantapa, among others.

Now, imagine if you could go on a digital walkthrough and see 3D recreations of the sculptures that were damaged, rotate them 360 degrees to appreciate their workmanship better, and understand why Hampi is special. If all goes as per plan, and if the Indian Digital Heritage Project is taken to its logical conclusion, this could well become a possibility in the near future.

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5 of the Most Beautiful Temples in India; Simon Peterson; Man Versus World

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

Travelling to India? Then check out some of India’s best temples, including the Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, and the aptly named Golden Temple.

People often joke that in India, there are as many temples as there are people. They range from beautiful little known half ruins to world heritage sites attracting visitors from the world over. However, you should take the time to visit the most beautiful temples in India to get the most out of the trip and truly appreciate them. Here are five of the most beautiful temples in India.

Annamalaiyar Temple

Annamalaiyar Temple is located in Tamilnadu. This temple is dedicated to Shiva. This temple is actually part of one of the largest temple complexes in India and the world. The eastern tower of the temple is 11 stories tall, making it one of the tallest temple towers in India. The towers themselves date back to the 9th century.

Tirupati Venkateswara Temple

The Tirupati Venkateswara Temple is a Vaishnavite temple in Tirupati. This nearly 1800 year old temple dedicated to a reincarnation of Vishnu is a classic and beautiful example of Dravidian architecture.

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Ambling through the City of Victory; Madhula Banerji; The Daily Star

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

Travel back to the bygone days of the Vijayanagara dynasty. The ruin of the ancient city of Hampi today stands amidst gargantuan boulders. Climb up the 575 steps to the Anjaneya temple to view the sunset and hike atop the Matanga hill for a sublime sunrise, or take a coracle ride across the Tungabhadra river during the wee hours, the only sound breaking the silence being the swish-swash of the oar dipping in the water. Nature and history at their best—barren mountains, lush coconut trees, serene water of the Tungabhadra, a string of historical monuments—this UNESCO World Heritage Site is slowly getting featured on the traveller’s map.

Vijayanagara (literally, ‘the city of victory’) was founded in 1336 in the Deccan region of the Indian subcontinent by two brothers, Hakka and Bukka. The city of about sixteen square miles with over a thousand monuments was built on the banks of the Tungabhadra, a confluence of Tunga and Bhadra rivers. Islamic invasion loomed large as the Delhi Sultanate began to expand its dominion.

Source: Ambling through the City of Victory

Central Govt. to Develop Karnataka’s Hampi as Iconic Tourism Site!; Rayomand Engineer; The Better India

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

On crossing Bengaluru’s city limits, you immediately notice the change in scenery. Wider roads, less vehicular smog, and abundant greenery. If you happen to travel down the picturesque Tumkur Road, down to Chitradurga and then onwards to Hospet, you will notice the beautiful flora, a complete change from your daily urban environment.

Just 13 km from Hospet, Hampi is not a new phenomenon for well-versed travellers. Due to the proximity of the area from Bengaluru, it is a popular weekend getaway. According to estimates, every year, more than 2 lakh visitors descend upon Hampi!

Karnataka’s famous tourist destination has amassed name and fame for a reason. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was the epicentre of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire, in the 14th century. Browse through chronicles and journals left behind by Persian and European travellers, to find mention of Hampi, described as a prosperous, wealthy and grand city.

It is perhaps befitting, that the Central Government, is considering Hampi as one of the 10 tourist destinations pan-India, to be developed as an ‘Iconic Tourism Site.’

Source: Central Govt. to Develop Karnataka’s Hampi as Iconic Tourism Site!

This Road Trip from Bangalore is Way Better than the Golden Triangle; Annabel Usher; Hostel World

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

It goes without saying that it would take you years to experience even a taster of all that beautiful, exciting India has to offer. Spanning 29 states, 7 union territories and 3.3 million square kilometres, India ranges from serene rolling green lands to dry deserts to golden beaches to buzzing city vibes. If you’re looking to check four Indian states off your bucket list, here’s the lowdown on seven uniquely wonderful destinations for the ultimate road trip from Bangalore. This immense drive will take you in a loop from Bangalore to the best places to visit in South India! We can even help you with hiring a car!

This trip is bound to make a home in your heart and your memories forever


Why start your road trip from Bangalore? Well, Bangalore is the busy and bustling cosmopolitan hub, bang in the centre of South India. Capital city of Karnataka state, and dubbed the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore has its tech industry (as well as its university) to thank for attracting a growing young population year on year, keeping it ever-trendy.

Source: This Road Trip from Bangalore is Way Better than the Golden Triangle

Hampi: A Land Of Ruins Still Alive – Photo Series By Indian Photographer Shreenivas Yenni; 121 Clicks

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in India located near Hospet town in the Karnataka state, India. It is formed one of the core areas of the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from 1336-1570. It is situated on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. In Hindu mythology, this area is known as Kishkinda and believed to be the kingdom of the monkey god Hanuman, who is taken birth at Anjandri Hill which is near to Hampi.

Among the attractions of Hampi are beautiful temples, ruins of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings… the list is practically endless. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise, the same way a pilgrim’s delight.

Extensive remains of the palaces can be seen within the innermost enclosure of the ancient Vijayanagara. The various religious and secular structures are awe-inspiring.

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