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Now its Dublin’s turn!; Patrick Treacy; LinkedIn

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For many years Patrick Treacy has been travelling to conferences all over the world, joining other doctors, physicians and surgeons to share his expertise in aesthetic medicine. He must have spoken at conferences from Las Vegas to Monaco, from Mexico City to Sau Paulo, from Kiev to Tbilisi, from Azerbaijan to Shanghai, and much of his own professional formation stems from the deep learnings and exchanges that happen at those events – not to mention, of course, the cultural immersion in amazing destinations, and the congenial connections with global colleagues!

Source: Now its Dublin’s turn!

Ancient tomb’s awesome astrological light show draws crowds; RT

Ireland – Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne

An astounding display of astrological genius by the ancient Irish – best showcased by the once-a-year illumination of a giant prehistoric tomb – has been scuppered by bad weather.

The highly-anticipated 5,000-year-old sun ritual, which occurs annually on the shortest day of the year (December 21), sees a beam of light travel up the burial monument’s narrow passageway before lighting up its main chamber for 17 minutes.

However, the majesty of Newgrange – an engineering masterpiece and a focal point in Ireland’s rich tapestry of mythology – is still weather-dependent. Overcast skies and rain meant the light show never came to pass.

The Newgrange passage tomb in County Meath is one of Ireland’s greatest known historical monuments, and was due to take center stage on Wednesday.

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