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To Be or Not to Be Authentic: Heritage and Environment at Kronborg Castle and Halifax Citadel; Robert Christian Thomsen; Niche

This is the seventh post in a series called “From the Outside In,” about the experiences of teaching and researching Canadian environmental history by scholars from other countries. In conversations with Canadians Robert Christian Thomsen has sometimes detected what to a Dane with a passion for Canadian society and culture is a perplexing diffidence regarding the youthfulness, even the unsophisticated quality of heritage imprint of settler society on the Canadian environment.

Source: To Be or Not to Be Authentic: Heritage and Environment at Kronborg Castle and Halifax Citadel

Step Into a Piece of Shakespeare’s World with a Signature Experience in Copenhagen; Daniel; Holland America Blog

Denmark – Kronborg Castle

Copenhagen is a can’t-miss destination when exploring the Baltic Sea on a cruise with Holland America Line. The city’s old cobbled streets, brightly colored harbor and the tower- and turret-dotted skyline lend a fairy-tale charm that make Denmark’s capital one of the easiest European cities to love.

For the 2018 season, Holland America is providing guests with an exclusive opportunity to be enthralled in a piece of Danish history with the Copenhagen Signature Experience: A Night at Kronborg Castle. Our new signature Experiences, like the one at Copenhagen, give guests a couple of extra days before the cruise to get to know some of the world’s most beloved cities more intimately.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kronborg Castle is a Renaissance masterpiece and has been immortalized by one phrase: “To be, or not to be…”.

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