13 Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites to See in the West; Stephanie Granada; Sunset

These UNESCO World Heritage sites across the West include ancient adobe cliff dwellings, active volcanoes and geysers, and more wonders.

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Photos: America’s 24 world heritage sites, from the Statue of Liberty to Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings; Andrea Sachs; Washington Post

More than 1,000 sites in 167 countries are recognized by the United Nations’ cultural organization (UNESCO) as World Heritage sites. They can be examples of outstanding natural beauty or man-made…

Source: Photos: America’s 24 world heritage sites, from the Statue of Liberty to Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings

Stunning photos show the 23 beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites in the US; Sinead Baker; Business Insider

UNESCO lists stunning natural and man-made sites around the world that it considers worth protecting. Many of these are in the US.

Source: Stunning photos show the 23 beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites in the US

Hiking Olympic National Park; NPCA

Washington’s Olympic National Park is extraordinary. More than 95 percent of it is designated as the Olympic Wilderness, meaning it’s undisturbed by buildings or roads. On a trail in this International Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site, you might find yourself with black bears, elk or mountain goats as your only companions.

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Preserving Natural Sounds and Night Skies; NPCA

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The best national parks to visit this spring; Zibby Wilder; Matador Network

Come for the flowers. Stay for the quiet.

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Passage to Alaska; Rosemary Behan; The National

A luxury small-boat cruise from Seattle to Juneau balances adventure with home comforts and gourmet food…

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Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the U.S.; Melanie Renzulli; TripSavvy

UNESCO designates World Heritage Sites that are of importance to the world. Here are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United States.

Source: Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the U.S.


USA – Olympic National Park

This gallery runs through all 72 of North America’s World Heritage sites, with beautiful photos and information about each site.

From monuments of the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico to the Statue of Liberty, via a vast number of stunning national parks stretching across its landscape, North America enjoys a wealth of World Heritage sites, cultural and natural.

Some date back millennia, like Monte Albán, the ruined capital of Zapotec civilization; others are more modern, such as the house and studio of the architect Luis Barragán, built in 1948. The rest are essentially timeless—geological formations and natural wonders that pre-date the human race and may well outlast it, too.

Recognizing World Heritage sites began in 1972 when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted a new convention to not only celebrate sites of outstanding significance, but protect them too. “Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa’s Serengeti, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Baroque cathedrals of Latin America make up our world’s heritage,” the UNESCO website explains. “What makes the concept of World Heritage exceptional is its universal application.”

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Top 10 Things To Do in Olympic National Park, Washington; Attractions Of America

USA – Olympic National Park

Anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, albeit forest or coastline, can spend weeks within Olympic National Park. Named both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, Olympic National Park is filled with a splendor that you cannot go without experiencing at least once. Here are the top 10 things to do in Olympic National Park that shouldn’t be missed.

  1. Hurricane Ridge

An epic drive awaits you. Take Heart O’ the Hills Road up Hurricane Ridge, so you can see a mind-blowing panorama of Puget Sound and Mt. Baker. At the end of the road is a visitor center, where you can find several hiking trails that range from beginner level to challenging. For those looking for a mild trek, try the Cirque Rim Trail, bringing you to a coastal point where you can see Vancouver Island and San Juan Island.

Address: Olympic National Park, WA

Website: www.nps.gov

2. Olympic National Forest

Found on the Olympic Peninsula, this national park stretches across more than 633,600 acres has five landscapes: temperate rainforest, mountains, lakes, beaches, and rivers.

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The 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that you can find in the US; Henry Miller; Matador Network

USA – Olympic National Park

There are 23 World Heritage Sites within the US and they need protection.

AFTER THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE ANNOUNCED that the US will be withdrawing from UNESCO as a member, we thought it would a good idea to remind you where you can find America’s World Heritage Sites.

Since 1978, UNESCO has established 23 cultural and historic sites within the US. Most of these sites are also National Parks, so it is unlikely that they will encounter any immediate negative affects. This is also not the first time the US has left UNESCO: President Reagan withdrew from the organization in 1984, while the Obama administration cut off payments to the organization in 2011. Both these administrations and others have cited “anti-Israel bias” as a cause for criticism.


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Olympic National Park: Mountains, forests and shores; David Volk; USA Today

USA – Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is located in the same state as Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains and volcanic Mount St. Helens, but it still holds its own as a tourist attraction and cultural touchpoint.

While Rainier, the Cascades and St. Helens are merely mountains, the 922,651-acre Olympic is “three parks in one,” as the National Park Service puts it. Like them, it has snow-capped peaks, but the park also includes more than 60 miles of wild coastline as well as old-growth forest and temperate rainforest.

Participants in the first expeditions to the once-isolated Olympic Mountains in the 1890s so appreciated the rugged beauty of the Olympic Peninsula that they began lobbying to have them protected for the public. Future Alaska pioneer judge James Wickersham didn’t even wait, writing letters calling for the land to be set aside while he was still touring.

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