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Experience the Outstanding on a Tunisia Vacation; Robert Glazier; Goway

Tunisia tours offer the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation and combine it with other interesting things to see and do. Tunisia will certainly provide you with sun-drenched days on the beach but it will also allow you to satisfy your cultural desires with historical sites and desert experiences. It’s a wonderful combination to …

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What streets look like in 30 cities around the world; Lia Ryerson; This Is Insider

Tunisia – Medina of Sousse

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy said in “The Wizard of Oz,” and the phrase became an instant classic.

While nothing quite beats the feeling of coming home after a long day, every so often we find ourselves being overtaken by wanderlust. We’ll catch a glimpse of an intriguing street while watching a foreign film, or fall in love with a particularly descriptive passage in a book, and before we know it we’re researching late into the night, gazing at photos of far-off places and imagining what life is like in distant cities.

Luckily, these days you can check out what other parts of the world look like from the comfort of your home. We’ve compiled a list of 30 of the most stunning streets all around the world.

Keep scrolling to see how different streets can look in cities across the globe.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a vibrant city awash in color. Take a stroll through the Medina, a walled medieval center full of tourist-friendly souvenirs, flavorful food, and friendly locals.

Havana, Cuba

Source: What streets look like in 30 cities around the world