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Taking a look at Drottningholm Palace; Brittani Barger; Royal Central

The private residence of the Swedish Royal Family, Drottningholm Palace, was built in the 1600s and is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The Swedish Monarchy says that it is the “most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and at the same time is representative of all European architecture for the period.”

Source: Taking a look at Drottningholm Palace

Visiting Drottningholm Palace with kids: Is it a good idea?; Dan Miller; Points with a Crew

Sweden – Royal Domain of Drottningholm

As part of Dan Miller’s trip to Stockholm Sweden with his 8 year old son, they took a morning to visit Drottningholm Palace.  Drottningholm Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since he track those (of course!), it seemed like a perfect thing to do with their time in Stockholm.

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