17 Things to Do in Krakow Poland – A Travel Guide; Just a Pack

Things to Do in Krakow – Explore Poland’s second largest city! Gawk at its historic castle and old town square, walk around the trendy Jewish Quarter, eat incredible pierogi, and more!

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Krakow: Wawel Castle Guided Tour and Free Walking Tour; Get Your Guide

Wawel Castle is Krakow’s number one tourist attraction and Europe’s most spectacular medieval castle.

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Things To Do in the Historic Center of Krakow, Poland; Abby Sewell; National Geographic

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

Krakow’s historic center has survived a succession of wars and occupying powers with its architectural beauty intact.

Krakow’s historic center has survived a succession of wars and occupying powers with its architectural beauty intact. Today the old city’s cobblestone streets, majestic cathedrals, and imposing castle on a hill bear testament to its richness in history, culture, and legends.

Once the capital of Poland, Krakow was home to the country’s first ruler, who occupied the castle on Wawel Hill overlooking Krakow’s market square and the Vistula river. Legend has it that in its early days, the city was plagued by a dragon who devoured livestock and maidens, until the beast was defeated by—according to different versions of the story—either the king’s sons, the king himself, or a clever shoemaker’s apprentice. Visitors can explore the cave allegedly inhabited by the monster, as well as a statue of the dragon erected in 1972, which periodically belches real fire.

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Top 12 Things to do in Krakow, Poland; Hannah Lukaszewicz; Getting Stamped

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

On the banks of the Vistula River, the longest river in Poland is the country’s second-largest city, Krakow. Dating back to the 7th century, Krakow is brimming with history. A history of kings, churches, and openness with Christians living peacefully alongside Jews. Plus a darker, more recent history, makes Krakow an interesting, yet emotional rollercoaster of a city – and you can’t say that about many ancient cities! It’s a beautiful city to walk around packed full of sights to see, but here are just some of the things to do in Krakow on your next trip.


The Main Square, or Rynek Główny, in Krakow is the center of the city’s Old Town. And pretty old it is: the square dates back to the 13th century and at almost 5 acres is one of the largest town squares in Europe! It is big that’s for sure.

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Here’s Why Poland Deserves to Be Your Next Destination; Farhana Yusoff; Tripzilla

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

With its medieval castles and fairytale forests, stunning slopes and sand dunes, vibrant cities and buzzing arts and culinary scenes – Poland is a dream destination like no other!

Banish any thoughts of Poland being cold and industrial or dull and dismal. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, this underrated country should be at the top of your list. Poland’s dynamic cities offer buzzing nightlife, hipster hotspots and world-class cultural sights. Its medieval architecture makes almost every place look like a storybook setting that’s straight of out a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

As the ninth biggest country in Europe, Poland’s geographical area is huge and it has a dizzying array of diverse landscapes – from beaches and islands to mountains and sand dunes. The best part? It’s relatively inexpensive compared to its glitzier neighbours so you’ll get to enjoy that dreamy European getaway without breaking the bank.

Still not convinced? Check out our list of top six factors why Poland is the perfect destination for your next holiday!

1. Beautiful castles dot the country

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How to Visit Europe on a Budget Without Backpacks or Hostels; Linda Aksomitis; guide2travel.ca

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

Traveling to Europe is often the adventure of a lifetime. While the costs can be high, they don’t have to be. In fact, you can visit Europe on a budget without backpacks or hostels.

Luckily for those of us who’ve always dreamed of knights and castles, the Backpacker Index is a great way to help plan a European itinerary. It publishes two lists annually. The first rates the cheapest 56 cities for backpackers, and the second ranks the top 56 picks for 3-star travelers.

While we’ve never been the backpacker variety of travelers, we’ve learned that compromises on costs don’t have to lessen the experience. Last year we spent nearly three weeks in Europe hitting four capital cities and one additional city. And I can guarantee the Backpacker Ratings were right on target with the costs: Amsterdam(44), Berlin (29), Warsaw (14), Krakow (3), and finally, Stockholm (53).

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Krakow hosts 1st International Congress of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimages; eTurboNews

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

The 1st International Congress of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimages “Following the Footsteps of the Saint Pope John Paul II” will take place in Krakow, from 8th to 12th November 2017. It is an event that aims to promote Poland and Central/Eastern Europe as a religious tourism destination.

Krakow and Malopolska Region have a great potential as a religious tourism and pilgrimage destination. Every year they are visited by millions of pilgrims and religious tourists, just let us mention the last World Youth Day which took place here in Krakow in 2016. These numbers are reflected in city’s and country’s profits and also new work places.

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Underrated Travel Destinations in Poland; Maureen Shisia; WorldAtlas.com

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

Poland is a beautiful country filled with historic buildings and towns.

Poland is a country rich in history and landmarks. However, compared to many of its European neighbors, the country remains relatively unknown to many tourists. The following are a list of amazing tourist attractions in Poland that are often overlooked.

Wawel Castle

The Wawel Castle was built in 14th century by Casimir III the Great in a Gothic style. The castle houses the legendary Szczerbiec coronation sword, which is magnificently decorated with symbols and floral patterns and jagged at the tip such that it holds a shield. The castle was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.

Kraków Main Square

The town square in Kraków was built in the 13th century and is the largest historical town square in Europe, and the biggest tourist attraction in Poland.

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15 Unmissable Things To Do In Krakow; Jules Bukovsky; Hostelworld

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków

Warsaw may be Poland’s capital, but Kraków is the cool little sister you NEED to add to your bucket list. Despite its increasing popularity, it’s still one of the cheapest cities in Europe and an amazing place to visit if you love fairy-tale architecture, insane desserts, stunning countryside and a rich history.

To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Krakow featuring a chandelier-covered salt mine, unicorn ice creams and mind-blowing art. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to pack it all into one trip; you’ll be planning your next visit on the plane home!

1. Visit The Incredible Kazimierz Neighbourhood

You know a neighbourhood’s going to be good when the whole thing has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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My Favorite 18 Things to do Krakow; Mighty Travels

Poland – Historic Centre of Kraków


Krakow is a great combination of a historic (but beautifully restored) Old Town and American-style, bubbling entrepreneurship with food and drink options. The city avoided destruction during WWII and has built out a tourist industry and a sophisticated service industry on top of that.

Krakow feels more like a US city with its many top-notch eateries and its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Krakow is extremely affordable – expect to pay one third or half what you pay in the US for similar quality. The city is filled with busy yet friendly people (more so than in Wroclaw), who know enough English to easily communicate with.

Krakow has a continental, dry climate with very cold winter days and many days with 90+ degrees in summer.


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