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10 Amazing Ancient Sites You Have To See In Peru; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Peru – Chavin (Archaeological Site)

You might have guessed by now that I fell in love with Peru during our visit! From our epic hike to Rainbow Mountain, climbing the impressive Huayna Picchu and taking the Andean Explorer from Puno to Cusco.

I’ve got to be honest, before travelling around Peru, I really didn’t appreciate how diverse the whole country is. It’s so easy to think of one place (For me, that was Machu Picchu,) and to think that’s what the rest of the country will look like. Thankfully, my preconceptions were properly demystified from the moment we landed. It’s one of the most diverse countries I’ve ever visited.

One thing that instantly stood out to me was the incredible history of this place.

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Peruvian Temple May Hold Secret To Origins Of Organized Religion; Julie Brown Patton; Gospel Herald

Photo: John Rick

Archaeologists discovered a 5,000-year-old temple in the Andean Highlands of Peru that implies religion already was a highly sophisticated and organized institution for the natives of that time. This former place of worship is one of the earliest and best-known pre-Columbian sites. While many people think ancient religions were more open and less institutional, the findings at this site suggest the opposite.

Source: Peruvian Temple May Hold Secret To Origins Of Organized Religion

The Peruvian temple that hints at the origin of religion; William Park; BBC

Photo: John Rick

A lost temple could teach us about how modern society is structured.

Source: The Peruvian temple that hints at the origin of religion

Hidden gems of history; Esha Chhabra; China Daily

Photo: Agencies

Want to travel off the beaten track to heritage sites? If you think of Peru but not Machu Picchu, Cambodia but not Angkor Wat, India but not the Golden Triangle, here are some choices for you.

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