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Eye-opening book tours the world’s lost and disappearing sights; Sarah Holt; Daily Mail

Photo: Atlas of Vanishing Places

Your guide is author Travis Elborough, who in Atlas of Vanishing Places, with the help of fascinating maps by Martin Brown, investigates not just how the world appears today, but how it once looked.

Source: Eye-opening book tours the world’s lost and disappearing sights

9 wonders of the world set to vanish forever: How many have you ticked off?; Anna Rhodes; Independent

Some of the planet’s greatest spots have made Unesco’s danger list of World Heritage Sites on the verge of disappearing

This month, we learned that Spain was facing the prospect of becoming the first European Union member state to have a natural World Heritage Site make Unesco’s “danger list”. The Doñana coastal wetlands in Andalucía – home to the endangered Iberian lynx – is said to be under threat from a mining and dredging plan, as well as 1,000 illegal wells in the area.

But it’s just one among a number of incredible sites the world over that, according to Unesco, could be lost forever. Here are just a few World Heritage Sites in Unesco’s danger zone that you might need to scrub off the bucket list.

Everglades National Park, Florida

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