Tag: MX – Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

The Art of Mexico’s Banknotes; Melinda Weir; IMF


Mexico’s 100-peso banknote features migratory butterflies and an influential poet…

Source: The Art of Mexico’s Banknotes

A brush with fragile beauty; Terri Colby; Tribune News Service

Mexico – Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

This is a story that must begin at the end. But oh, what an end. Terri Colby stood on a forested mountaintop in Mexico in late February, mesmerized by monarch butterflies swirling around him, darting in and out of the trees and pockets of sunlight. They were high in the blue skies, clumped by the thousands on tree trunks and branches, clustered on woodland flowers and swarming in small streams of water on the forest floor. The sound of their wings was like a whisper on the breeze.

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