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Discovering Rich Culture, Nature and Gastronomy in Puebla; Valentin Fuentes; Travel Pulse

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Source: Discovering Rich Culture, Nature and Gastronomy in Puebla

A Weekend Guide To Puebla, One Of Mexico’s Best Hidden Gems; Katie Chang; Forbes


For years, the colonial city of Puebla was mostly known for its colorful churches and culinary contributions. But recently, the city has experienced an influx of stylish, design-minded accommodations, restaurants, and shops, offering visitors far more to discover. Here, a weekend guide to Puebla.

Source: A Weekend Guide To Puebla, One Of Mexico’s Best Hidden Gems

10 must-see sights in Puebla, Mexico; Suzanne Barbezat; TripSavvy

Mexico – Historic Centre of Puebla

Puebla is among the top five largest cities in Mexico, and its historic center has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The city of Puebla is large and cosmopolitan and combines modernity with a rich history and culture. There are plenty of sights and attractions for visitors to Puebla to enjoy. Here are ten of our favorite sights:

The Zocalo

Puebla’s Zocalo, the main city square, is large and attractive with green spaces, statues and monuments. This is a favorite gathering place and on the weekends it can be quite crowded with people strolling, sitting and enjoying some laid-back family time. Buy some cotton candy or other other street food on offer, and grab a bench in the shade to watch the people go by. This is the perfect starting point for a walking tour of Puebla.

Amparo Museum

The Amparo museum houses impressive collections of pre-Hispanic and colonial art, as well as hosting a variety of temporary exhibits. Its excellent museography and interactive displays make this a museum not to miss. There’s also a stunning view from the rooftop terrace.

Source: 10 must-see sights in Puebla, Mexico

Why Puebla is so much more than a day trip from Mexico City; Lilit Marcus; CNN


Mexico – Historic Centre of Puebla

Puebla, Mexico is just a two-hour drive from the capital, and it overflows with fun for travelers. Here are the best things to do.

(CNN) — Puebla is the fourth-largest city in Mexico, just a two-hour drive from the capital (it’s 67 miles, but there’s no accounting for Distrito Federal traffic).

Yet it often gets tacked on as a day trip from Mexico City instead of treated like a destination in its own right. That’s all about to change, though, as a slate of new hotels and structural improvements make this vibrant city easier to travel to than ever.

Following an earthquake in Puebla in September 2017, many of the city’s most famous attractions have gotten fixed up and are ready to host visitors again–which means that contributing to the city’s economy is more vital than ever.

What to know

Puebla is capital of Puebla state.

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