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Satellite Analysis Shows Oil Spill Leaking Into Protected Marine Park In Mauritius On Day 23 Of Crisis; Nishan Degnarain; Forbes

Latest satellite analysis reveals toxic oil gushing around 1000-year old brain coral in internationally protected marine park of Mauritius as world leaders sit idle on sidelines.

Source: Satellite Analysis Shows Oil Spill Leaking Into Protected Marine Park In Mauritius On Day 23 Of Crisis

12 Fascinating Things to Do in Mauritius; Rachita; Cheese Web

If white sand beaches, gushing waterfalls, and unique natural phenomenon are the makings of a perfect holiday destination, consider visiting Mauritius. This island getaway in Africa combines unbelievable nature and unforgettable luxury. Rachita shares the best things to do in Mauritius for the ultimate tropical holiday.

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How to Hike Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius: All You Need to Know; Raphael Alexander; Journey Wonders

Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

Le Morne Brabant is Mauritius’ most emblematic mountain and one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Here’s all you need to know to hike this UNESCO Heritage Site!!!

When you think of Mauritius you probably imagine white sand beaches surrounded by the beautiful colors of the Indian Ocean’s waters but hey, did you know that there’s some EPIC mountains you can hike just a few minutes away from the beach?

In this article you will read all you need to know about hiking Le Morne Brabant, a majestic mountain of wonders located in the southernmost part of Mauritius from which you can appreciate an unique underwater waterfall.

Underwater waterfall? Say what? Enjoy this article and I hope you have a very wonderful week my friends!!!

Why Is Le Morne Brabant an UNESCO Heritage Site? A Brief History of Le Morne Brabant

It might surprise you to know that Le Morne Brabant is one of the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Mauritius. “A mountain? Really? I know the views look supercool but why?”.

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Is Mauritius the Indian Ocean’s new adventure capital?; Gavin Bell; Telegraph

Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

At first, the ocean seems empty. Through my snorkelling mask I see only a deep blue nothingness. Then suddenly they are there; dark, lithe shapes gliding in perfect formation like aerobatic pilots.

The spinner dolphins seem oblivious to my presence, cavorting around me for the fun of it. They come here every morning, dozens of them, to a sheltered lagoon framed by jagged mountains off the coast of Mauritius, to rest and play in tranquil water.

Swimming among them is an encounter with nature in one of her most enchanting guises. They are like smiling torpedoes, cruising with effortless power and grace in an endless realm.

I just wish they didn’t swim so fast. Even with fins on I keep pace for barely half a minute before their tails flip farewell, and they are gone.

We are lucky. We came early when there were only a couple of other boats of dolphin chasers. By the time we leave, the bay is crowded with dozens of boats and people thrashing about in pursuit of flashing flanks. The best plan is to come early, like the dolphins.

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Mauritius at 50: 25 things to see and do while you’re on the Indian Ocean island; Stephanie Takyi; Metro


Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

March 12 will see Mauritius celebrate the 50th anniversary of its independence from Britain.

This Golden Jubilee is a historic moment, which will be marked with ceremonies, live music and performances on the island throughout the year.

With so many national events and activities, we’ve put together our guide of things to do and see when visiting this island in the Indian Ocean.

So from trying rum shots to going on a sunset cruise, here are 30 things to get you started:

1. Go for a hike around Tamarind Falls

The best way to fully experience Mauritius’ rich natural habitat is to go on a hike.

The Tamarind Falls (or Seven Cascades) is the one of Mauritius’s canyons and is not to be missed.

Located in south-west Mauritius, it is an amazing combination of 11 waterfalls, mountains, rivers, forests and lush green vegetation.

Book a hiking tour with Vertical World who can help get you to Mauritius’ hard-to-reach natural areas.

2. Go sea karting

Mauritius is the only place in the world where you’ll find a sea kart tour.

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Top 5 stunning views in Mauritius; AFP

Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

The Indian Ocean island’s tourism office has launched a major campaign to promote Mauritius as a hotspot for nature lovers and family vacations.

There’s more to Mauritius than honeymooners and newlyweds. The Indian Ocean island’s tourism office has launched a major campaign to promote Mauritius as a hotspot for nature lovers and family vacations. If you still need convincing, check out these five stunning natural landscapes with views to delight any visitor to the island.

Le Morne Brabant

This is the picture-perfect landscape that you’d expect to see on postcards of Mauritius. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Le Morne Brabant is a rugged mountain peaking at an altitude of 555 meters. It is a landmark in the landscape of the southwestern Mauritius coast, where vacationers laze on the island’s idyllic beaches.

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17 Epic Places You Never Thought To Travel, But Should; Suzy Stratner & Janie Campbell; The Huffington Post

Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

Be a traveler, not a tourist, in 2017.

Paris? Been there. London? Done that. No offense to those storied standbys, but 2017 is a time to break out of your travel bubble and try someplace you’ve never thought to visit before.

Travel teaches us invaluable lessons we can’t learn in school. It expands our worldview. It pushes us to be better, stronger, more empathetic human beings. And these 17 places, in no particular order, are where that magic is going to happen this year. Some of them can be experienced in the lap of luxury, while others are for only the most adventurous souls. But all of them have the potential to be the best trip you’ve ever taken.

1. South Korea

Don’t let its northern neighbor scare you off: South Korea is full of adventurous travelers’ delights like national parks, mountains and islands.

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The summit of Le Morne Cultural Landscape (Mauritius) accessible to the public; Unesco


Mauritius – Le Morne Cultural Landscape

Inaccessible since its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008, the Le Morne Mountain, symbol of Maroons and resistance to slavery, opened its footpaths to the public in July 2016.

This new development comes as a follow-up to the recommendations of the Joint Reactive Monitoring Mission, carried out by the World Heritage Centre/ICOMOS in February 2016 and to the World Heritage Committee’s Decision 40 COM 7B.14, which noted the need to provide full access to the property to ensure more effective conservation and management.

According to the Director of the World Heritage Centre, Dr Mechtild Rössler, “this opening represents a major achievement towards increasing the enhancement and conservation of the site .”

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