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The International Criminal Court Upholds UNESCO’s Heritage Efforts; Rene Wadlow; Global Solutions

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Timbuktu’s jihadist police chief goes before ICC; BBC

He is charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity, rape and making girls marry militants.

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UNESCO urges caution over fraudulent African artefacts, sold in its name; UN News

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See the Striking Earthen City of Timbuktu; National Geographic

This West African city—long synonymous with the uttermost end of the Earth—was added to the World Heritage List in 1988, many centuries after its apex.Timbuktu was a center of Islamic scholarship under several African empires, home to a 25,000-student university and other madrasahs that served as wellsprings for the spread of Islam throughout Africa from the 13th to 16th centuries. Sacred Muslim texts, in bound editions, were carried great distances to Timbuktu for the use of eminent scholars from Cairo, Baghdad, Persia, and elsewhere who were in residence at the city. The great teachings of Islam, from astronomy and mathematics to medicine and law, were collected and produced here in several hundred thousand manuscripts. Many of them remain, though in precarious condition, to form a priceless written record of African history. Read more here.

Source: See the Striking Earthen City of Timbuktu

Timbuktu’s mausoleums, ancient city protectors; Oman Observer

Mali – Timbuktu

The shrines of Muslim saints in Timbuktu in northern Mali are widely believed to protect the fabled city from danger, but were largely destroyed by radical Islamists in 2012.

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Saving Timbuktu: rebuilding history in Africa’s ancient city; Brand South Africa

Timbuktu was once one of Africa’s greatest cities, but centuries of war, colonial rule and, more recently, radical terrorism has taken a toll on its historic buildings. Now, thanks to efforts by Unesco and the town’s citizens, these important buildings are being restored to their former glory.

Source: Saving Timbuktu: rebuilding history in Africa’s ancient city | Brand South Africa

Timbuktu: portrait of a city on the edge of existence – in pictures; Sean Smith; Guardian

What is life like in Mali’s ‘city in the middle of nowhere’? Guardian photographer Sean Smith recently spent a week there, meeting everyone from Timbuktu’s chief muezzin to its only DJ…

Source: Timbuktu: portrait of a city on the edge of existence – in pictures

In photos: Saving Timbuktu’s treasures from extinction; Larisa Epatko; PBS

When Islamist militants took control of northern Mali in 2012, they left their mark by vandalizing the sacred sites of Timbuktu. Now, an international effort is underway to repair the damages.

Source: In photos: Saving Timbuktu’s treasures from extinction

Profile: Timbuktu; Al Jazeera

Historic Malian town has long been target of Tuareg rebels fighting to carve out a desert homeland.

Source: Profile: Timbuktu

The Treasures of Timbuktu; Joshua Hammer; Smithsonian Magazine

Mali – Timbuktu

Scholars in the fabled African city, once a great center of learning and trade, are racing to save a still emerging cache of ancient manuscripts.

White robe fluttering in the desert breeze, Moctar Sidi Yayia al-Wangari leads me down a sandy alley past donkeys, idle men and knapsack-toting children rushing off to school. It is a bright morning, my second in Timbuktu, in the geographic center of Mali, and al-Wangari is taking me to see the project that has consumed him for the past three years. We duck through a Moorish-style archway and enter his home, a two-story stone structure built around a concrete courtyard. With an iron key, he unlocks the door to a storage room. Filigrees of light stream through a filthy window. The air inside is stale, redolent of mildew and earth.

Regardez,” he says.

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