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Experiencing Korea through K-Team building programs; Breaking Travel News

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put international exchange “on hold” for much of the past two years. However, in spite of the spread of new variants of the virus, many countries around the world are preparing to return to a more normal way of life as global vaccination rates continue to rise, and with oral antivirals for treatment of COVID-19 making their way onto the market.

Source: Experiencing Korea through K-Team building programs

20 Incredible Landmarks in South Korea; Sarah Holmes; Travel 2 Next

One of the best things about South Korea is it’s a land filled with a rich cultural heritage. While these cultural gems form the heart of a list of famous landmarks in South Korea, in recent years, the country has seen a simultaneous cultural emergence and tremendous growth in its technological industries. Famed the world over for the influence of K-Pop, Korean skincare and beauty, South Korea is becoming more and more influential over the west. There are so many spectacular natural landmarks in South Korea too, such as the Sobaek Mountains, volcanic islands off its coast and breath-taking valleys and stunning waterfalls.

Source: 20 Incredible Landmarks in South Korea

11 Fun Things to Do in Korea – According to Season!; Lydia Lee; Tripzilla


Republic of Korea – Gyeongju Historic Areas

Find out what you can do all-year round in this stunning country.

Will we ever run out of things to do in Korea? Probably never!

This captivating country is strategically located in a temperate climate zone, which only means one thing – travellers have the chance to experience the magic of all four seasons! Every three to four months, Korea undergoes a seasonal transformation and is refreshed with a new landscape and novel activities. No matter when you go, there will definitely be a plethora of fun things waiting for you. Here’s what you can do during each season:


1. Chase those blossoms

We all know that Korea is a haven for all things Cherry Blossom, and there are so many places to catch them in the springtime. Check out Korea’s biggest Cherry Blossom Festival at Jinhae, where the whole city turns pastel pink with the arrival of these beauties. Pose with the stationary train at Gyeonghwa Station, or stroll along Yeojwacheon Stream to catch the best views and take the best pictures!

Source: 11 Fun Things to Do in Korea – According to Season!

Where the walls speak of the past; Sulyn Chong; New Straits Times

Republic of Korea – Gyeongju Historic Areas

FROSTBITE. I never truly understood the word until I got out of the warm bus and into the blustery cold winter of Gyeongju, South Korea. The temperature is in the minus and all I have on is a bomber jacket over a thin shirt and a single layer of jeggings.

Gyeongju is an hour’s bus ride north of Busan or a four-hour ride southeast of Seoul. It is widely known as a museum without walls because the entire city is populated by numerous historical structures, treasures and artefacts that aren’t confined in a museum box. Most of them date back to more than a thousand years. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage city, all that’s here are either in their original form, completely intact, or have been restored to their former glory.

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