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Why do brown bears frequent towns more than before?; Yuri Shirane; Phys.org

Photo: Yuri Shirane

Source: Why do brown bears frequent towns more than before?

Travel to the ‘end of the earth’ at Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula; Walter Sim; Straits Times

There is vast emptiness on the rugged Shiretoko Peninsula on the north-eastern tip of Hokkaido.

Source: Travel to the ‘end of the earth’ at Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula,

Where to visit in Japan if the travel bubble becomes a reality; Julian Ryall; SCMP

With the country keeping the coronavirus under some degree of control, here are a few suggestions for avoiding the crowds, whether you’re looking for history, adventure or some good old family fun.

Source: Where to visit in Japan if the travel bubble becomes a reality

Japan’s best dive sites to escape Olympic mania; Matthew Meltzer; Matador Network

Nowhere in the country will be as peaceful.

Source: Japan’s best dive sites to escape Olympic mania

Exploring Shiretoko National Park in Winter; CC Leau; Wander Wisdom

Want to board an icebreaker, watch fish swim beneath a frozen river, and have a close encounter with a polar bear all without making the long trek to the Antarctic? Shiretoko is the place.

Source: Exploring Shiretoko National Park in Winter (With Pictures and Videos)

Japan: The wild, wild East; National Geographic Traveller

The rugged volcanic scenery and show-stopping wildlife of Hokkaido island — Japan’s last true wilderness — are ripe for exploration.

Source: Japan: The wild, wild East | National Geographic Traveller (UK)

7 beautiful trekking routes in Japan you should do this year; Tim Wenger; Matador Network

Japan – Shiretoko

MANY HEAD to Japan for the food. Some come for the ultimate big-city cultural experience in Tokyo. Others make the journey north to Hokkaido each winter for some of the best powder skiing on the planet. But, this island nation is also an ideal destination for trekking, offering a variety of multi-day hikes for everyone, from summit seekers to wildlife explorer to wannabe-poets. Here are seven of the most beautiful trekking routes in the country.

1. Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes, Kii Hanto

Length: Up to 191 miles, broken into segments
Time: Four to five days to see thee full Kumano Sanzan

Kumano Kodo, located southwest of the Kyoto Prefecture, is actually a series of routes covering 191 miles across the Kii Hanto Peninsula. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the pilgrimage routes originated over a thousand years ago as a way to reach Hongu Taisha, Hayatama Taisha, and Nachi Taisha, collectively known as Kumano Sanzan, the Grand Shrines of Komono. Base yourself in the city of Tanabe and bus to trailheads throughout the region. You’ll stay overnight in traditional Japanese inns called ryokans.

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Wonderful Hokkaido; Tsem Rinpoche

Japan – Shiretoko

Hokkaido is the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands. It is also the least urbanised, famous for the volcanoes, natural hot springs (onsen) and snow fields that dot its landscape.

At 32,221 square miles (83,457 sq. km), representing over 20% of Japan’s total land mass, Hokkaido Island is the country’s second-largest island, while Hokkaido prefecture itself is the country’s biggest prefecture.

It is home to almost 6 million residents, and more than 1 million travelers from within Japan and around the world[1] visit the island every year. They are drawn to the beauty of Hokkaido’s blue skies, its untouched wilderness of rolling hills, open fields and powdery snow, all of which are the perfect backdrop to savour its delectable local cuisine.


The indigenous people of Hokkaido are the Ainu, a race that also inhabit the Aomori region in the north of Honshu Island.

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