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The Most Fascinating Prehistoric Village In Italy You Should Visit; Silvia Marchetti; Forbes

The Su Nuraxi UNESCO-listed site in Sardinia is welcoming visitors again. Worth visiting on your next trip to Italy.

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Mysterious Nuraghi of Sardinia; Francesca Bezzone; Life In Italy

Italy – Su Nuraxi di Barumini

What do we really know about these ancient dwellings and their people?

Almost raptured by the crystal-like beauty of its sea, we often forget Sardinia is also a land of history and tradition in need to be discovered. Sea, sand and the glitzy life of VIPs holidaying in Porto Cervo are certainly an attraction to many, but while there, it is worth to take a look back to the millennial heritage of Sardinian people,  listen to their unique language and find out more about all that concerns their valuable past.

Nuraghi are one of the island’s best known, yet more mysterious symbols. Ancient and majestic, they are vestiges of a long gone civilization, about which historians and archaeologist would love to know more. Follow us through the sunny paths leading to Sardinia’s own iconic stone giants.

The Nuragic  Civilization

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The Most Important Archeological Site in Sardinia; Luxury Travel Magazine

Italy – Su Nuraxi di Barumini

The Nuragic complex in Barumini is one of the largest and well preserved Nuragic compounds, therefore it is the most important archeological site of Sardinia.

Barumini is the name of the village where it is located in the central-south region of Sardinia.

Known as UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Su Nuraxi di Barumini” is the most complete nuragic site and at the same time it features an innovative and creative use of materials and techniques that were available to the prehistoric community.

The village of Barumini with its nuraghe “Su Nuraxi” shows that this territory has been inhabited since the Bronze Age (from 2300 to 700 B.C.).

The nuraghes used to serve as defensive turrets with the shape of a cone trunk, made by large dry stones, and equipped with internal rooms.

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