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Permanent handicrafts market to open near UNESCO-designated Pasargadae; Tehran Times

Photo: Tehran Times

A permanent market for handicrafts is planned to be established near the UNESCO-designated Pasargadae, southern Fars province.

Source: Permanent handicrafts market to open near UNESCO-designated Pasargadae

Walkway to connect Cyrus the Great’s tomb to nearby caravanserai; Tehran Times

Photo: Tehran Times

Visitors to the UNESCO-registered Pasargadae will soon find a special walkway that connects the tomb of Cyrus the Great to a nearby caravanserai, the director of the World Heritage site has said.

Source: Walkway to connect Cyrus the Great’s tomb to nearby caravanserai

Pasargadae: A City Created by Cyrus the Great; Tasnim News Agency

Iran – Pasargadae

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Pasargadae city in antiquated Persia (cutting edge Iran), situated close to the city of Shiraz (in Pasargad County) and is today an archeological site and one of Iran’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Founded in the 6th century BC in the heartland of the Persians (today the province of Fars in southwestern Iran), Pasargadae was the earliest capital of the Achaemenid (First Persian) Empire. The city was created by Cyrus the Great with contributions from the different peoples who comprised the first great multicultural empire in Western Asia.

The archaeological remains of its palaces and garden layout as well as the tomb of Cyrus constitute an outstanding example of the first phase of the evolution of royal Achaemenid art and architecture, and an exceptional testimony to the Achaemenid civilization in Persia.

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Work Begins on Pasargadae’s Archeological Map; Financial Tribune

Iran (Islamic Republic of) – Pasargadae

project to draw up an archeological map of Pasargadae, an ancient city and world heritage site in Fars Province, has begun.

“This project is a follow-up on studies carried out in the past decade,” ISNA quoted Hamid Fadaei, the heritage site’s manager, as saying.

“Morghab and Pasargadae plains are currently being studied. The acquired data will be entered in a geographic information system to create comprehensive database.”

A geographic information system is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. Data in different forms, including the location of rivers, roads and vegetation, can be entered into the system.

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