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Discover the fabulous Hungarian wine region, Tokaj; Kitti Tordai; Daily News Hungary

Discover the beautiful landscape of #Tokaj #Wine Region #Hungary #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite

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A Timeless Journey Through the Hidden Treasures of the Tokaj Wine Region; Fanni Kaszas; Hungary Today

Home of the legendary Aszú white wines, Tokaj wine region is located in northeastern Hungary. Named after the town of Tokaj, the region’s former commercial center, it is a relatively small wine region of around 5,500 hectares of vineyards. From wine tastings, excursions, producer’s markets, and great restaurants, the region offers a lot for tourists.

Source: A Timeless Journey Through the Hidden Treasures of the Tokaj Wine Region – Hungary Today

12 Best Wine Regions in Europe; Charity De Souza; Trips To Discover

Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape

Douro Valley, Portugal 

The Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the oldest wine regions in the world, where you’ll find enchanting valleys and steep slopes that make it a premier wine destination. Just a short drive from Porto and its famous Port wine aged in cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia across the river, the Douro Valley is home to grapes that create sweet red wines. Travel from Porto to Pocinho for a scenic train journey.

Bordeaux, France 

Located in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is one of the largest wine regions in Europe. It’s captivating combination of history, medieval culture and delectable local cuisine make it popular for non-wine enthusiasts, while those looking to indulge in a glass of vino are spoiled with the region’s elegant blends. Fermenting grapes since the 8th century, you can go on guided tours on foot, boat or bike through the picturesque wine country that produces sweet white wine.

Piedmont, Italy 

Piedmont is a beautiful wine-growing region in the northwest region of Italy, where notable names like Barolo and Barbaresco dominate the region.

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The Tokaj wine region: 15 years of being part of the UNESCO World Heritage; Zsoka Kovacs; Daily News Hungary

Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape

The Tokaj wine region has been a UNESCO World Heritage site for 15 years now. The region is praised for the collaboration between man and nature.

2017 marks the 15th anniversary of UNESCO awarding the Tokaj wine region with a World Heritage membership, in the category of cultural regions – reports origo.hu. A TRADITION OF ONE THOUSAND YEARS The historic wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja is unique in the world for its one-thousand-years of viticultural and wine tradition, which has not been subject to any change. The region has preserved its integrity throughout the centuries, along with the diversity of the rocks and soils, its special geographic position, the beneficial microclimate, and the uniqueness of the vineyards and the cellars of the cities and villages nearby.

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Dry Furmint Is Hungary’s Other Wine Sensation; Thomas Pellechia; Forbes

Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape

Hungary’s second wine is neither sweet nor difficult to spell.

Once known as “the wine of kings” the difficult to spell wine appellation Tokaji (Toke-eye) dates to the early 18th century, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tokaji-Hegyalja of northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia had been an established wine region hundreds of years before then.

For most of its existence, Tokaji staked its claim on the best of the best sweet dessert wines of the world, and rightly so. One taste of the lush, intensely sweet and acidic, long-lived Hungarian version confirms it. The wine is produced from a three-grape combination—Furmint, Harslevelu and Muscat Blanc.

The indigenous Furmint grape is principally responsible for another Hungarian wine that is worth every penny.

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