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Marathonists will run in a World Heritage site at 2023 world champs; World Athletics

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Hungary offers many breathtaking World Heritage sites, whether in the capital or in the countryside.

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Hollókő, the “Living Village”; Fanni Kaszas; Hungary Today

After a one-hour drive from Budapest, one can spot a great black raven, which shows that Fanni Kaszas is in the right place. It symbolizes the village Hollókő (Ravenstone), or the “Living Village.” The place got its name, because according to legend, ravens carried everything away at night that people built during the day. The beautiful, charming village has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. The unique town in Hungary is one of the last where traditions, folk customs, arts and crafts, and traditional Palóc foods are part of everyday life to…

Source: Hollókő, the “Living Village” – Hungary Today

15 must-see sights in Hungary PART 1; Blanka Marianna Györgyi; News Hungary

Hungary – Old Village of Hollókő and its Surroundings

In the Hungarian countryside there are numerous fascinating landscapes, natural treasures, and small settlements. It is very difficult to choose between them or rank them. The following list of utazom.com is therefore a subjective one, as beauty in itself is subjective. So let us just cherry-pick from the many beauties in this small country.


The only village in Hungary which made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List (1987). It gained its appearance of today in the 17-18th century. It is a Palóc village in Nógrád County showing traits of traditional architecture and the village life before the 20th century, without having become an ‘open-air museum’.


Őrség lies in the South-Western corner of Vas county, on the Western border of Hungary. It is primarily a natural and ethnographical region, a land rich in cultural and sacral values.

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