1 Hvar Tourist Board, 6 UNESCO Heritages, 1 Location, 1 Night; Paul Bradbury; Total Croatia News

Hvar’s 5 tourist boards will promote the island as one destination. A look at how that might look promoting UNESCO Hvar heritage.

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Money Week Features Hvar in 4 Great Holidays for Wine Lovers; Paul Bradbury; Total Croatia News

Hvar wine tourism is booming, and that message is going international. Money Week features Croatia’s sunshine island in its top wine holiday ideas.

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Things to do in Stari Grad in 48 hours; Croatia Week

Stari Grad is located on the island of Hvar…

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Croatia Itinerary: The Perfect 10 Days; Kevin Brouillard; Oyster

We assembled a 10-day itinerary that captures some of the best that Croatia has to offer in terms of cultural attractions, beaches, and awe-inspiring nature.

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Top Croatian Attractions Beyond Dubrovnik; Cat Gaa; Sunshine And Siestas

Croatia. The beautiful Mediterranean country has become the new Greece, and rightfully so: Croatia is full of seaside towns, gorgeous scenery and historical sites. Tourism in Croatia is anchored…

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48 hours in Stari Grad on Hvar; Croatia Week

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Hvar – The UNESCO Island; Miki Bratanic; Croatia Week

Croatia – Stari Grad Plain

This year, the island of Hvar is nominated for the title of Best European Destination. It deserves the title for many reasons.

However, there is something that makes the island of Hvar stand out above the other destinations in the running, something unique, special, something that is recognizable and makes the island very proud.

Many do not know that the island of Hvar, probably one of the most densely populated islands in the world for the number of cultural sites on the UNESCO list. On the list, there are three Hvar Heritage Uniqueness; Starogradska polja (Stari Grad Plain), Procesija Za križen (Following the Cross) and Hvarska čipka (Hvar Lace).

The Stari Grad Plain on the island of Hvar is the best preserved agricultural landscape that was set up by the ancient Greek colonists in the 4th century BC and remains in use. The plain is generally still in its original form and has been preserved by careful maintenance of the stone walls over 24 centuries.

Following the Cross is a unique religious tradition taking place before the Easter for nearly five centuries uninterrupted.

Source: Hvar – The UNESCO Island

Vrboska: 25 Things to Know about Little Venice; Paul Bradbury; Total Croatia News

Croatia – Stari Grad Plain

Continuing our popular series, 25 Things to Know about Croatia, on November 11, 2017, a visit to one of the most charming destinations of all – Vrboska on the island of Hvar.

1 The Fortress Church

There is no questioning the most impressive building in the quaint old town of Vrboska – the unique fortress church of St Mary of Mercy. Built in the 16th century following the devastating attack by the Turks under Uyuz Ali, who burned the village in 1571 along with much of Dalmatia, the church fortress was built as a result to protect the inhabitants of Vrboska, and to good effect. The church fortress is open to tourists these days, with latest opening times advertised on the door (or check with the tourist board across the harbour).

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