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A Complete Guide to Burgundy: Venture Beyond the Vineyards; Sylvia Edwards Davis; France Today

France – The Climats, terroirs of Burgundy

Though famed for its incomparable vintages and world-class gastronomy, there is more to Burgundy than food and wine as Sylvia Edwards Davis discovers…

Burgundy is perhaps best known for its excellent gastronomy and world-class wines, but it also has an abundance of beautiful landscapes, historic landmarks and cultural attractions. As such, it’s a region worth visiting time and time again. Let’s begin our tour of the ‘Best of Burgundy’ in its charming capital, Dijon.

At the intersection of the north-south and east-west axes of Europe, Dijon is an accessible and surprisingly active city that has managed the rare feat of modernising its historical centre without sacrificing its heritage. With more than 250,000 inhabitants – if you include the surrounding countryside and suburbs – Dijon officially became one of the major French métropoles in February.

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