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Southern Spain: Insiders tips to make the most of your road trip; Jose Lopez & Paula Macia; Hostel World

Spain – Palmeral of Elche

Your choice is definitely made. You are going to hit the road in Southern Spain this year (hell yess). We definitely can’t argue with that. There’s only one tiny problem: it is impossible to choose between the cool spots from the different regions in the South of Spain… Not to mention the food!!! SEND HELP.
Don’t panic, let’s focus on Andalusia and Valencia for now. We teamed up with some of the best Spanish travellers and bloggers that are actually from those regions. Be ready to get the best tips from locals. De nada!

1. Southern Spain: Valencia

Hi travellers! I’m Paula, a passionate traveller who practices slow travel and ventures out into the unknown. I’m spontaneous, a dreamer, kind and always looking for something new to write about on my blog, Nos vamos de rutica. I always wanted to live my life like in an American movie… Let my hair down, drive a convertible car and follow the road all night long.

I’m from Elche, the Europe’s largest palm grove and a lovely city from the Valencian Community.

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