Würzburg has that winning combination for Len Rutledge; eGlobal Travel Media

Three Irish missionary monks visited Würzburg in A.D. 686 to Christianize the local ‘barbarians’. The inhospitable locals beheaded them. Fortunately, we find the citizens are much friendlier today,…

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Würzburg cruise port guide; Paul Sullivan; Telegraph

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A Road Trip Through Germany’s Franconian Wine Country; Janna Graber; Go World Travel

WÜRZBURG, Germany—It’s dark here in the cellars, but tall candles mounted on huge wine casks light our path. We’re deep in the Staatlicher Hofkeller, the cellars of the Bavarian state winery below Würzburg Residenz Castle, a World Heritage Site in Franconia. While Germany may be known for its beer, in this region of Bavaria, wine […]

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Oktoberfest Means Wine In Franconia, The Enchanting German Region You Don’t Know Yet; Fathom; Forbes

In Franconia, a culturally distinct region that historically resisted Bavaria’s authority, a millenia-old winemaking tradition means that instead of hops and malt, grapes are top of mind, even during Oktoberfest.

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Why you need to visit Germany’s top vacation spot; Lois Alter Mark; USA Today

Old castles, beer gardens, mountains, culture and history make this beautiful area of Germany a must-visit.

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BAVARIA’S LESS TRAVELED CITIES; forimmediaterelease.net

When you imagine of Bavaria, Munich may be the first place that involves mind. Beyond the administrative centre city, the spot of Franconia supplies a…

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Most popular cruise ship destination revealed; Meredith Rosenberg; CNN


Cruise Critic is out with the most popular cruise ship destinations for 2018. Villefranche, France, comes in at No. 10. The top spot could be a surprise to you.

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Germany’s Romantic Road: A One-Week Itinerary; Kevin Mak; Tripzilla

Germany – Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square

Travelling from Frankfurt to Munich via the Romantic Road? Here’s a 7-day itinerary that takes you past quaint towns, like Rothenburg and Füssen, and the Bavarian Alps!

Unlike Australia’s Great Ocean Road or Iceland’s Ring Road, Germany isn’t very well known for its road trips. So what compelled me to take a week-long road trip in Germany? That’s where *cue drumroll* the “Romantische Straße” comes in.

The “Romantic Road”, as its English translation goes, is a scenic road that takes you through quaint towns and the Bavarian Alps. Yes, yes, the name does sound rather trite but there has got to be some truth to it if it were named as such – and there is.

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