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10 Scenic Spots To Explore In Germany; Dakota Rae Lambert; Travel Off Path

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It’s finally time to start planning that summer vacation you have been dreaming about. But it can be so hard to choose a destination. Looking for somewhere with hiking, history, and hand-crafted beverages? Well, hold on to your lederhosen because Dakota Rae Lambert has ten amazing sites to add to your itinerary for the best ever summer holiday in Germany.

Source: 10 Scenic Spots To Explore In Germany

A Family Holiday Weekend In Bamberg, Germany; Adriana; Cheese Web

Adi takes Adriana on a family-friendly weekend getaway in UNESCO-listed Bamberg, Germany.

Living in Germany comes with a lot of perks. The most important one for Adriana is the travel opportunities. A few weekends ago, she was able to fulfil her family travel wish of visiting Bamberg, Germany. Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just two and a half hours north of Stuttgart. Because Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a church, it’s also known as the ‘Franconian Rome.’

Where to stay in Bamberg, Germany

Perusing the different booking websites, Adriana was depressed realising just how expensive staying in a hotel in Bamberg can be. Even Airbnb, her most trusted source of excellent accommodations, let her down.

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