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Spotters Trip: In Search of the Bamberg Zen; Robin Hartmann; Spotted By Locals

What comes out if you take five Spotters from four different countries, send them to the place with the highest density of breweries in the whole world and give them three days to explore?

Source: Spotters Trip: In Search of the Bamberg Zen

Europe’s prettiest fairytale towns; Jessica Vincent; Euronews

From snow-covered villages to towns carved into the cliffside, there’s some fairytale magic to be found across Europe.

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Discover the beauty of Bamberg; Len Rutledge; The South African

With seven hills and a church on top of each, Bamberg in Germany immediately has appeal.

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12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Bamberg; Bryan Dearsley; PlanetWare

Source: 12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Bamberg | PlanetWare

Bamberg cruise port guide; Paul Sullivan; Telegraph

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15 Best Things To Do In Germany; Ketki Hanamshet; TripHobo

Planning to visit Germany soon? Here are the 15 best things to do in Germany for you to make the most of your vacation.

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Travel to Bamberg, Kilheim and Nearby – experiences and reflections; D President

Kelheim is an old German city between two rivers. Nearby Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a medieval layout and well-preserved architecture.

Source: Travel to Bamberg, Kilheim and Nearby – experiences and reflections

Best Cities To Visit In Germany In Spring; Corinne Vail; Reflections Enroute

Germany – Town of Bamberg

Germany is a fantastic destination no matter the season. Whether you are visiting in spring, summer, fall, or winter there are plenty of things to do and see. We’ve asked the people who know best, travel bloggers, which cities they want to visit during spring in Germany. The answers are varied and all are interesting. I’ve still got to get to a few myself so maybe I’ll see you there.

Liechtenstein Castle by Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped

Germany is the perfect place to visit during the spring. The amount of tourists is nothing compared to the summer months and with that comes lower hotel prices. We love visiting all the famous castles in Germany and one of our favorites is Liechtenstein Castle in the Echaz Valley. This gorgeous Gothic-style castle has incredible views of the valley and town below. The castle was built in 1840 but was damaged during World War II and has since been restored. You can still go inside the castle but you’ll have to purchase a guided tour for €8 to do so.

Source: Best Cities To Visit In Germany In Spring – Reflections Enroute

The best city breaks in Germany: readers’ travel tips; Guardian

Riesling and Romans, baroque and bratwurst … our tipsters point to alluring cities from Bavaria to the Hanseatic northern ports – but sidestepping Berlin – taking in great food, museums, spas and bars.

Winning tip: Augsburg

One of Bavaria’s oldest cities, Augsburg is a delightful base for a cycling journey on the “Romantic road” or a relaxed city break. Visit the Fuggerei, Europe’s most venerable social housing project, founded by the Fugger banking dynasty in the 16th century. Residents are charged only a nominal rent provided they attend mass daily – just as in the 1500s. The Brechthaus in the old artisan quarter of Lechviertel is the birthplace of Bertolt Brecht and offers insights into the great playwright, poet and director’s Augsburg youth, US exile and uneasy relationship with the GDR after eventually taking up residence in East Berlin.

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Interrailing in Europe: 10 of the Best Small Cities to Add to Your Trip; Carrie Pallardy; VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

Germany – Town of Bamberg

Since driving is so overrated, ditch the wheel and instead see Europe by train. Rather than worrying about getting lost or parking, you can experience those romantic notions of a journey by railway – think the Hogwarts Express, not Strangers on a Train – with a single ticket that works at nearly all European stations. So many cities are accessible by train, but travelers tend to gravitate toward the major European capitals like London and Paris. If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path – or track, if you will – consider adding a few of these smaller cities to your interrailing itinerary.

San Sebastián– Spain

San Sebastián is coastal town with a relaxed resort feel. Step off the train and into this Bay of Biscay spot full of idyllic beaches, seaside bars, and unforgettable architecture.

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The Subtle Miracle Herbert Blomstedt And Bamberg’s Cathedral Tour Of Bruckner; Jens F Laurson; Forbes

Germany – Town of Bamberg

Bamberg, a Discovery

Bamberg Is said to have existed since AD 902 at least, and somehow I’ve only managed to see it this July. What an oversight. I’ve always wanted to go, but evidently not enough to have done something about it. Bamberg didn’t have much of a reputation to me as a young person and lived in Bavaria, though what reputation of it there was, was all good. Since having set foot on European soil again, a bit of its reputation has seeped into my consciousness. Something about the secretly most beautiful city of Germany. Or Bavaria. Or Franconia at least… which still would be a feat.


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Bamberg One Day Itinerary – Bamberg Travel Guide; Justin Plus Lauren

Germany – Town of Bamberg

Explore quaint and romantic Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bamberg is an idyllic Bavarian town that you won’t want to miss when you travel to Germany. Justin and I find that we tend to fall in love with the enchanting villages over the hectic cities. While we do enjoy major city jaunts, it’s often the tiny towns that capture our hearts. Bamberg was one of those places.

Why Bamberg? We chose to travel here for a few reasons. First, Bamberg has made countless lists featuring picturesque villages that you must visit. It simply looked so charming from the photos and I couldn’t resist adding it to our plans.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that wasn’t damaged very much during World War II, so it’s largely in tact. It boasts the biggest, preserved old town center in Germany.


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Travellers’ Good Buys Compiled By John Rozentals; Global Travel Media

Germany – Town of Bamberg

Aurora Expeditions is expanding its portfolio of Antarctic activities for the 2017/18 season with the introduction of ski touring and snowshoeing.

Antarctic ski touring will offer the experienced and the bold an opportunity to ski near-virgin glacial slopes, traverse remote areas to iceberg-studded bays rarely seen by human eyes, gaze at penguin rookeries and breaching whales in hard-to-access locations, or even follow in Shackleton’s footsteps across South Georgia.

Travelling in small groups with highly experienced mountain ski guides, expeditioners will learn mountaineering and ski-touring skills such as ice-axe and crampon use, roped glacier travel, avalanche procedures and emergency shelter construction.

The two new activities are available on selected 2017-18 itineraries. Expedition fares start from about $11,700 per person, with ski touring starting from an additional $1200 per person and snowshoeing from about an additional $330 per person.

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Living in Germany comes with a lot of perks. The most important one for me is the travel opportunities. A few weekends ago, we were able to fulfil our family travel wish of visiting Bamberg, Germany.

Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just two and a half hours north of Stuttgart. Because Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a church, it’s also known as the “Franconian Rome.”

Where to stay in Bamberg, Germany

Perusing the different booking websites, I was depressed realising just how expensive staying in a hotel in Bamberg can be. Even Airbnb, my most trusted source of excellent accommodations, let me down.

We almost gave up the thought of going to Bamberg. But hubby had the idea to look up brewery stays. As it turns out, many of the breweries offer rooms and breakfast.

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