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Holistic—and Historic—Partnership Protects ‘Canadian Galapagos’ Off British Columbia; Peter Baker; Pew Trusts

Known as the Canadian Galapagos for its unparalleled biodiversity, Haida Gwaii is the ancestral home to the Haida Nation, coastal rainforests, old-growth stands of cedar, and a UNESCO World Heritage site that symbolizes the importance of the Haida people and their deep-rooted relationship to the land and waters of this region.

Source: Holistic—and Historic—Partnership Protects ‘Canadian Galapagos’ Off British Columbia

8 Boundary-Pushing Canadian Adventures that Start Where the Wi-Fi Signal Ends; Explore Magazine

Starting your adventure where the Wi-Fi signal ends…

Source: 8 Boundary-Pushing Canadian Adventures that Start Where the Wi-Fi Signal Ends

Visiting North America’s most mysterious islands; Melanie Haiken; CNN


Pristine wilderness dotted by ancient village sites so protected that only 12 people at a time are allowed to step ashore — this is Canada’s final frontier, a remote archipelago off British Columbia’s northernmost coast.

Source: Visiting North America’s most mysterious islands

Haida Gwaii makes New York Times 52 Places list; Abby Kurial; Abbotsford News

Newspaper includes the islands on its annual list…

Source: Haida Gwaii makes New York Times 52 Places list – Abbotsford News

Canada.com’s travel writers pick their favourite Canadian trips of 2019; Canada.com

Canadian travel writers get to visit many places in the world, but ask any of them their favourite places to visit in their own country and they have to think about it because there are so many places to choose from.

Source: Canada.com’s travel writers pick their favourite Canadian trips of 2019

Paddling into the past: a kayak trip to the British Columbia islands of Haida Gwaii; Diane Mancini; Star Tribune

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Experiencing secret splendour aboard the MV Cascadia in Haida Gwaii; Tim Johnson; Globe & Mail

The multi-island archipelago in B.C., teeming with wildlife and steeped in First Nations history, is a rare privilege to behold…

Source: Experiencing secret splendour aboard the MV Cascadia in Haida Gwaii

How to Explore Canada’s Haida Gwaii, the Galapagos of the North; Todd Plummer; Vogue

With rugged landscapes, extraordinary biodiversity, and ancient human history, Canada’s remote archipelago is the place to go for adventurous travelers.

Source: How to Explore Canada’s Haida Gwaii, the Galapagos of the North

Connect to culture: experience First Nations traditions in British Columbia; Margaret De Silva; Lonely Planet

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Sailing Gwaii Haanas National Park; Patrick; Three Sheets Northwest

Gwaii Haanas is a protected area of Haida Gwaii, encompassing hundreds of small islands, forested mountains, and the Haida heritage sites. Few cruisers visit it, because of the time and effort of g…

Source: Sailing Gwaii Haanas National Park

Memorable moments | Saying goodbye to an incredible year of cruising; SV Yahtzee; Rollin’ With Yahtzee

Canada – SGang Gwaay

Crouching at the water’s edge, I picked up a smooth black stone and gripped it in my palm. Magnus stood next to me — clad in his wetsuit with boogie board in hand — and I talked him through his latest attempt at setting out into the cold water of Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Then he went for it and I smiled watching him splash his way into the clear blue water before launching the rock far beyond him.

Later, sitting next to a fire and fresh caught salmon roasting over hot coals, I thought aloud to Jill while watching Yahtzeebob just offshore: “Does life get any better than this? I don’t think it does.”

In many ways, that’s how 2017 went. By any and every measure we can think of, it was an amazing year of cruising aboard Yahtzee.

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Explore: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve; Michaela Ludwig; British Columbia Magazine

Canada – SGang Gwaay

If you want a chance to explore the heart, the history and the soul of British Columbia, you need to travel to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve.


The Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve encompasses the lower half of Haida Gwaii and includes 138 islands, from Tasu Sound and south to Cape St. James.


Access into the park is by boat or plane. Tours are available and the park can be accessed by helicopter, floatplane or a larger boat. For those wishing to explore the park on their own, you can access the area by kayak or personal boat.

Park size

The park covers 1,470 square kilometres.

About this park

The Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve was established as a provincial park in 1958, and then as a national park in 1988.

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Canada’s Haida Gwaii archipelago: kayaking to the edge of the world; Shaun Pett; The Guardian

Canada – SGang Gwaay

These remote islands, 100km off British Columbia, are home to one of the oldest traceable populations on Earth, yet they are still fighting to save their environment and ancient culture.

Early morning and a group of eight river otters in the bay eye us with nonchalant curiosity as we pack the kayaks. As we paddle off into the Pacific, our bows cut through reflections of mountain peaks and impenetrable rainforest. Two dolphin fins slice the mirror. When we round a cape, a west coast fog blurs the horizon and erases the shore, leaving only sea and sky, just as it was before Raven Child, as the Haida myth tells, dropped a black pebble into the ocean and created these 200 islands.

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Most Amazing Islands In Canada In 2017-2018, Top 10 Best & Famous Islands List; Daily Records

Canada – SGang Gwaay

You might not know this but Canada is the country that has more lakes than any other country in the world with an average of 3 million lakes. Canada is also famous for cold weather sports and the country is a prime location for film makers. This country has also one of the largest coastline measuring around 200,000 km which tells you that Canada naturally has lots of islands. If you love beach vacations, high end shopping, captivating cultures, best of Canada cuisines, skiing, authentic outdoor vacation, endless shorelines and much more Canada islands offers you all this. These impressive islands will inspire your spirit and renew your soul if you’re planning a vacation in this country.

Here are the top 10 amazing islands from the hundred’s that are located in Canada.

10. Prince Edward Island

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Travel To Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Shannon Skinner; HuffPost

Canada – SGang Gwaay

We might be a young country, but as a destination, we have many offerings for tourists.

Canada is now 150 years old. We might be a young country, but as a destination, we have many offerings for tourists. With ten provinces and three territories extending from coast-to-coast-to-coast, covering a vast 9.9 million square kilometers, Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area.

What you might not know is that Canada has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNSCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – recognizes world heritage sites that are of significant cultural or natural value. And we have plenty of them. Here is a list, so time to pack your bags and hit the road and see these amazing sites:

Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

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Canada 150: From dinosaurs to bootleggers; Joanne Sasvari; Vancouver Sun

Canada – SGang Gwaay

Silvery totem poles peek through the mists of Haida Gwaii. An abandoned rail track meanders along a Kootenay mountain pass. In Gastown, the perfume of gin lingers in a former bootlegger’s haunt.

Traces of the past are all over British Columbia, if you know where to look. Luckily, B.C.’s 91 National Historic Sites, 10 Provincial Historic Sites and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites make it easy to journey back through the 150 years of Canada’s history in its westernmost province.

In 1867, British Columbia was still largely the home of indigenous peoples who had lived here for more than 13,000 years, but that was changing fast. It had been less than a century since Spanish Captain José María Narváez and British Captain George Vancouver became the first Europeans to truly explore this coast and already it was clear that nothing would be the same again.


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