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Have you visited these UNESCO sites? Some say aliens have; Jen Rose Smith; CNN

From the Giza Pyramids in Egypt to the Nazca Lines in Peru, these UNESCO sites come with the added allure of alien visitation theories. Find out whether seasoned archaeologists agree.

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Top 21 Things To Do in Bolivia; Steph; Big World Small Pockets

Rich cultural heritage, bustling markets & epic landscapes make this country a winner! Here’s the 21 top things to do in Bolivia to convince you to go!

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21 Best Things To Do in La Paz, Bolivia; Stephanie Parker; Big World Small Pockets

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3D printing and archeological challenges!; Lucie Gaget; Sculpteo

3D printing and archeological projects are making a great couple! An archeology team from California decided to help to reconstruct the ruins of Tiwanaku…

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10 Amazing Examples Of Ancient Construction; Michael Van Duisen; Listverse

We look at skyscrapers and dams and see them as pinnacles of human engineering, content in the fact we can build whatever we want. However, we often fail

to remember the technological marvels of ancient history—buildings or temples which seemed impossible to construct by primitive cultures. Here are ten hopefully lesser-known examples of amazing ancient construction.

10Pueblo Bonito
United States

Located in Northwestern New Mexico, Pueblo Bonito is the largest and most well-known example of a great house (village) built by the ancestral Pueblo people. The village’s construction began in the early part of the 10th century AD and continued for nearly 180 years, reaching a peak of around 800 separate rooms, with some buildings having as many as five stories.

It was first discovered in 1849 by US Army Lieutenant James H. Simpson and his guide, Carravahal.

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