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8 unusual city adventures for 2019; David Szmidt; Kiwi.com

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8 endangered UNESCO sites to see now in the Americas; CNN

Bolivia – City of Potosí

Florida manatees swim and sleep in the sunshine and golden-brown panthers prowl the shady forests at Everglades National Park.

A swampy wilderness of gnarled cypress stands and waving sawgrass just beyond Miami’s suburbs, this 1.5 million-acre UNESCO World Heritage Site can seem timeless.

But rising sea levels have spiked the fresh groundwater beneath the Everglades with salt, and plants and wildlife must quickly adapt to new conditions to survive.

That’s why the Everglades are among the eight World Heritage Sites in the Americas included in UNESCO’s list of “World Heritage in Danger,” an exclusive club of 55 destinations, dominated by war-torn countries and terrorist hotspots.

Stretching from the Florida backwoods to an ancient Peruvian city and ghostly Chilean mines, these eight sites are some of the Americas’ most extraordinary places.

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15 beautiful cities in South America that you need…;Yahoo Travel Inspirations

Bolivia – City of Potosí

Are you stressed, bored or in dire need of an excuse to take a little ‘vacay’ out of the country? Our world is a huge place to cover and popular has become boring. So pause your US and Europe plans for just a second, have you considered South America?

Well, geography isn’t everyone’s strong-suit so here is a little reminder – South America boasts some of the world’s finest places; Amazon – the world’s largest rainforest, The Andes – the world’s longest mountain ranges and Angel Falls – the world’s highest waterfalls are all found in South America.

Do we have your attention now? Good. We’re going to tell you about some of the popular destinations that most tourists visit in South America and some that will just be a treat for you peeps.

Where everyone goes in South America and you should too

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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21 best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America; Shutterstock

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Wanderlust has listed the most amazing UNESCO-listed sites to visit for culture, history and intrigue in America’s southern hemisphere, in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia…

Source: 21 best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America

Hundreds of human skeletons found in Bolivian mining city; AFP

Photo: AFP

Construction workers in Bolivia have stumbled upon a mass grave with the remains of hundreds of likely indigenous miners during the Spanish colonial era, a researcher said Saturday.

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Bolivian city in danger of collapse; AFP

Photo: AFP

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Bolivia: Struggling to save the mountain that eats men; Sara Shahriari; Al Jazeera

The Cerro Rico is a UNESCO world heritage monument and a working silver mine — but its peak is caving in…

Source: Bolivia: Struggling to save the mountain that eats men

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