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Murad house to transform as boutique hotel; Siyadi Majlis as pearl museum; Daily Tribune

Photo: Daily Tribune

Source: Murad house to transform as boutique hotel; Siyadi Majlis as pearl museum | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Bahrain to revive pearling to attract visitors; Xinhua

Photo: AFP

On and around the southernmost point of Muharraq city, close to Bahrain’s capital Manama, a Pearling Path, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012, is at its final stages of renovation to offer visitors by the end of 2022 a brand new experience of the Gulf island country’s past glory built on pearl industry.

Source: Bahrain to revive pearling to attract visitors

Pearls of Wisdom & Fear; Natasha Burge; The Smart Set

Bahrain – Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy

Walking the Pearling Trail in Muharraq

I’m sitting next to a wall covered in photos of Umm Kulthoum. From behind her omnipresent sunglasses, she looks down sternly on the crowded teashop, sharing wall space with dozens of other notable personalities from the Middle East. Along the ceiling hang WWI-era rifles, dusty phonographs, and lank flags discolored by years of cigarette smoke. My new friend Omar orders us another round of Karak Chai and resumes his animated explanation of why the pop star Shakira is such a great dancer — he insists it’s because she was born in Bahrain; I learn later she was born in Colombia. While Omar speaks, all sweeping gestures and croaking voice, I take a sip of scalding tea and compose my face, trying not to betray the fact that my heart is lurching wildly, like a drunk trying to skip rope. I take another sip and tell myself it’s just the highly-caffeinated, sugary tea, and not the heart attack my anxiety disorder insists is imminent.

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