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UNESCO recognises Europe’s spas; LaingBuisson News

Photo: Laingbuisson News

Eleven Spa towns in Europe are celebrating after their collective addition to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. Read more.

Source: UNESCO recognises Europe’s spas – LaingBuisson News

Discover the origin of spa in Belgium; unreguser; Xinhua

Photo: NCN Limited

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Unesco adds Spa(s) to World Heritage; Pheymont; Travel Gumbo

Photo: Iain Cameron

Eleven of Europe’s best-known traditional spas have been added to the Unesco World Heritage list this week.

Source: Unesco adds Spa(s) to World Heritage

Great spas of Europe make UNESCO World Heritage list; Anne Termeche; Deutsche Welle

Photo: Grenville Collins

Eleven European spa towns have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Find out more about these unique health resorts here.

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