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From Convicts To Civilized People. Famous Unesco Sites In Australia; Orange Smile

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Australian Architecture, Houses & Buildings; Sarah Buckley; Architecture & Design

Australian architecture has generally been consistent with architectural trends in the wider Western world, with some special adaptations to compensate for distinctive Australian climatic and cultural factors.

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One of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks is ruined by vandals; Tom Place; Daily Mail

The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne’s CBD was attacked on Saturday between 8.30pm and 9.15pm with almost every exterior wall or surface damaged.

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Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia; Daev; Abroad

Photographs of Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia – the first building in Australia to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status…

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17 things you can only do in Melbourne; Rebecca Russo & Hazel Lee; Time Out

Where else can you see pink lakes in the city, eat Vegemite curry roti and drink at a bar under a bridge?

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Iron Mountain : CyArk and Iron Mountain Team Up to Preserve Melbourne’s Historic Royal Exhibition Building; PR Newswire

Australia – Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Completed in 1880 to mark Melbourne’s first international exhibition, the Royal Exhibition Building is one of the world’s oldest remaining exhibition pavilions. It was the site of Australia’s first Federal parliament in 1901, hosted events for the 1956 Summer Olympics, and was the first site to fly the new Australian National Flag following a six-day, national flag design competition in 1901. In 2004, the Royal Exhibition Building and the surrounding Carlton Gardens became the first building in Australia granted listing as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Earlier this month, CyArk, a nonprofit organization that digitally records, archives and helps preserve world heritage sites, and Iron Mountain Incorporated® (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in storage and information management services, completed a preservation project to digitally capture and preserve the Royal Exhibition Building. The project, the first joint endeavor in Australia, will ensure that this important cultural, historical and political landmark will live on digitally archived and available for generations to come as part of CyArk and Iron Mountain’s ongoing commitment to preserving world heritage sites.

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LEGO: Brickvention 2018 Coverage; Jeremy; Rebel Scum

Australia – Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

January 24, 2018: Last weekend saw Melbourne play host to the annual Brickvention at the Royal Exhibition Building, and Rebelscum was there to enjoy the Star Wars builds.

Each year volunteers from the Melbourne LEGO Users Group (MUG) puts on an Australian-based convention and public display for LEGO fans. This two-day event brings LEGO fans of all ages together from all across the country to view original and unusual creations built by local and regional bricksmiths. Open to the public it is a safe-haven for LEGO fans of all ages and levels of interest.

If you’ve ever been to a LEGO convention before then you’ll know what to expect – a central core with a Great Ball Contraption and a massive train set which combines a number of environment and building themes, surrounded by an endless number of MOC builds and dioramas. If you’ve never been to a LEGO event before think of the playroom you always wanted!

Brickvention didn’t fail to deliver the standard recipe, so no-one would go home disappointed.

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Plan a Visit to Key Neighbourhoods on Your Australia Vacation in Melbourne; Robert Glazier; Goway

Australia – Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Nothing reveals the real flavour of a city more than its neighbourhoods. Visit one of these the next time you are in Melbourne on an Australia vacation.

I have always, when visiting a large city, sought out what the locals call their neighbourhoods. On trips to trips to Australia, of course, you want to take in the important highlights of Melbourne such the Eureka Tower, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and the Melbourne Zoo, plus visit the exceptional city museums and art galleries, etc. Many city tours include these but they are geared to the possibly first time visitor and don’t always show another side of the city.

Let’s take a look at some of the key neighbourhoods in Melbourne, a city which is blessed with many and which add so much to its vitality. All of Melbourne’s neighbourhoods are easily accessible.

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