Swimming with the world’s biggest fish; Catherine Marshall; Traveller

It emerges from its indigo underworld as though from a dream, a colossus accompanied by the tiniest of golden trevallies.

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Exmouth split over pipeline factory proposed for gulf that supports Ningaloo Reef; Adam Morton; Guardian

Proponents say development won’t harm world heritage ecosystem, but a campaign led by Tim Winton is sounding the alarm…

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Explore Australia’s largest and undiscovered fringing reef; Brandpoint

(BPT) – Where do the red and orange hues of Australia’s iconic outback meet white sand beaches and turquoise blue water? Where can you walk off the shore and instantly experience pristine coral reef during a special drift snorkel? It’s where the best marine encounters in the world are part of everyday life. Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, along the stunning Coral Coast, is one of the region’s best-kept secrets.

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How Exmouth Became the World’s Cleanest Beach; Jenny Peters; World Nomads

The people living in the Shire of Exmouth are dedicated to making their beaches free of trash, pollutants and plastics.

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Your next extraordinary adventure: Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef; The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

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The ULTIMATE West Coast Australia Road Trip; Steph; Big World Small Pockets

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the West Coast of Australia is my FAVOURITE part of the country to road trip and that’s a fact! There’s just something about the grandeur of it all, the vastness, the emptiness, the enormity… and the lack of people that immediately grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let it go! No surprise then that when I finally clambered out of the Landrover and decided to stay put for a few months it was on Australia’s west coast too! So after spending almost a year living, working, travelling and exploring this state, here’s…

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Australia: Whale shark wonders on Ningaloo Reef; Ianthe Butt; Nat Geo Traveller

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

Australia’s largest fringing reef is home to 400 types of coral, explosions of psychedelic-hued fish and whale sharks. Head to Ningaloo for a thrilling swim with the world’s largest fish

“They only reach speeds of three miles an hour. Not fast, in the scheme of things,” says marine biologist guide Natalie Yeates. In the scheme of things, perhaps. But, when a creature about the length of a double-decker bus swims straight towards you, three miles an hour feels pretty zippy.

“Remember to swim once you’re in the water,” Natalie adds, addressing our group of 10. Like a wet-suited queue of lemmings, snorkels in mouths we wait to slip off our boat in Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. “It sounds daft, but some people forget to move; these fish don’t hang around.”

Bobbing atop the Indian Ocean feels a long way from Exmouth, the frontier-feel town we left an hour ago. About 800 miles north of Perth, it’s a place where bohemian souls settle, and emus outnumber cars on its dusty roads.

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10 Things to Do in Western Australia for Your First Trip to the Region; Rachel Lee; TripZilla

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

From stargazing in the middle of the desert to swimming with giant whale sharks, there’s just so much to do!

Spanning 2.6 MILLION square kilometres, the broad and beautiful state of Western Australia is full of undiscovered gems that are worth checking out! With so much to do, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice, especially if it’s your first time visiting the region. But not to worry! Here are our top 10 picks for must-do activities in the five regions across Western Australia. The regions include Perth & its surrounding areas, Southwest region, Coral Coast region, Northwest region as well as the Golden Outback.

Ready for an amazing adventure?

Perth & its surrounds

1. Snap selfies with the quokkas on Rottnest Island

19 kilometres off the coast of Perth is this idyllic island paradise packed with family-friendly activities and delightful wildlife! Besides stunning sea views and beaches, prepare to be enthralled by a multitude of water activities: snorkelling over coral reefs and shipwrecks, fishing, surfing, and basically all other water sports under the sun.

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Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen In WA; Elaina Zachos; National Geographic

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

Authorities say the tooth’s monetary value ‘would not be very high,’ though it may be prized by collectors.

A GIANT SHARK tooth that’s more than two million years old has been snatched from an Australian park, leaving authorities puzzled.

The tooth is from a megalodon, an ancient shark species that went extinct 23 to 2.6 million years ago. It’s one of two known examples in Cape Range National Park along Western Australia’s Ningaloo Coast. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Department of Environment and Conservation was just beginning to figure out how to secure the tooth when it was stolen. Up until that point, authorities had been considering covering it with bulletproof glass and other sorts of cages.

“The worst part is they took the better specimen, which was not so well known,” Arvid Hogstrom, a department spokesperson, tells BBC News. “Our staff had actually physically covered it up with natural features to make sure it was hidden.”

The ten centimetre long tooth had been stashed at a semi-secret location that only a few people knew about.

Source: Giant Ancient Shark Tooth Mysteriously Stolen In WA

Magic in the mushroom coral: our great undersea discovery; Nikki Galovic; CSIROscope

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

The pristine waters of the Ningaloo Reef off the coast of northern WA are home to a huge array of marine life. From sea turtles to dugongs and the world’s biggest congregation of whale sharks. It’s also a huge coral reef extending over 300 km. The shallow lagoons and deeper offshore waters create a diverse collection of habitats making it a UNESCO World Heritage Area.

This underwater wonderland is so big, however, that discovering all its various nooks and crannies is a big job. Thankfully we have some undersea explorers on the job.

Underwater explorers

On a recent trip our Ningaloo Outlook researchers stumbled across a field of corals the like of which have never been seen in such abundance before.

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