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Facing 3000kg of blubber and rage: The Mecca that is Macca – ‘Macquarie Island’; Susan Halliwell; Stuff

Susan Halliwell travels to the remote Macquarie Island, halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica.

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What do wandering albatross chicks do to pass the time between feeds?; Christopher Ham; ABC News

While the wandering albatross mother is out to sea, hunting for food, her chick has to do something to pass the time. A new time-lapse video shows what they get up to while mum is away.

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The 12 Amazing Spots the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About; Amorq

Australia – Macquarie Island

We made a list of 18 cool spots that you probably haven’t heard of yet.

And we are sure you’d love to visit the place included as a bonus at the end!

1. Blue Pond in Biei, Japan

The blue pond in Biei, Hokkaido, appeared as the result of works on a dam built to control erosion processes and protect the nearby areas from mudflows. The unusual bright turquoise color of the water is caused by minerals. For a long time, this natural object remained closed for visitors and only became accessible a few years ago.

2. Tin Mal Mosque, Morocco

The Tin Mal Mosque was built in 1156 to commemorate the founder of the Almohad dynasty, and it is one of 2 Moroccan mosques open to non-Muslims. In 1995, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list. The mosque is located in a mountain village only 100 km (62 mi) from Marrakesh.

3. Meroë, Sudan

Meroë is an ancient city in what is now Sudan, the capital of the Nubian kingdom of Kush that arose in the 8th century BC.

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Macquarie Island, A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Australia; WorldAtlas.com

Australia – Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is the only place on Earth where the mantle is exposed above the sea level, bearing evidence of seafloor spreading.

Where Is The Macquarie Island?

Macquarie Island is a World Heritage Site lying in the Southwest Pacific, halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. The island is politically part of Tasmania, Australia, and became part of the Tasmanian State Reserve in 1978. The island was listed as among the World Heritage Sites in 1997. Royal penguins inhabit the island, especially during their annual nesting season. Macquarie Island has a population of about 20 to 40 people who live at the foot of the Wireless Hill. These people work mainly at the Macquarie Island Station which was set by the Australian Antarctic Division.

History Of The Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island was discovered in 1810 by Frederick Hasselborough.

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