Fortresses, traditional sports, hillside vineyards: A heritage trail will help you explore new cultures; Economic Times

Charreria is a traditional practice of livestock herding communities of Mexico.

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Best Day Trips from Vienna; Linda; As We Saw It

It’s easy to lose yourself in all that Vienna has to offer. So many incredible museums, beautiful music, centuries-old buildings, and its unrivaled café culture can easily keep you busy for the whole time you’re…

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Cruising for Castles on the Danube and Rhine Rivers; KD Leperi; Pique News Magazine

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6 Austrian Wineries Worth Visiting Near the Danube River; Sarah Bray; Afar

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12 Best Places In Austria To Visit; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Austria is a beautiful country to explore and a place that’s so much more than its capital city, Vienna. Now, that’s not saying Vienna is bad (it’s actually amazing) but there really is a shed…

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Wachau Valley Ship Cruise with Bus Transfer from Vienna; Get Your Guide

Journey through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Wachau Valley on the River Danube on an amazing cruise aboard the newly renovated MS Wachau from Vienna. See historic locations such as Melk and Dürnstein.

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Austria’s grand wine tour; von Ramy James Salameh; Peter von Stamm Travelblog

The vintners of Austria are a very passionate breed. With this reputation comes a new wave of “terroir” tourists, ready to explore Austria’s grand wine tour…

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Exploring Austria’s Wine Routes; Ramy Salameh; Travel Magazine

Austria has a wine history dating back to the Celts and Romans. We take you in search of Austria’s variations of grapes, producers and wineries.

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Why a Danube river cruise is Europe’s most romantic journey; Emily Rose Mawson; Telegraph

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Wine of the Wachau, Austria: Stories from the Stone Wall Vineyards; Becki; Borders Of Adventure

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

As the Danube River curves east towards Vienna, it weaves through a collection of enchanting hamlets, timeworn fortresses and perfectly stacked vineyards of the Wachau Valley in Lower Austria.

The steep terraced landscapes of ancient, hand-made stone walls are the laid tracks of the compact 15km stretch of meticulously manicured, towering vineyards that have come to define one of Europe’s most beautiful and world-renowned wine landscapes.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000, the Wachau in Austria is as culturally rich with its scattering of old medieval towns as it is a nature haven of hiking and biking trails through a uniquely preserved landscape. All held together within a region that tells its centuries old stories through wine.

For a trip to the Wachau is not complete without sampling the famous Grüner Veltliner and Riesling varieties from the very vineyards you pass through on your exploration. You might just have to ‘work’ for it first.

Joining a Grape Harvest in the Wachau Valley

There was a six-month stretch between my two trips to the Wachau Valley.

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Melk Abbey, Wachau, Austria; Anne Sophie Redisch; Sophie’s World

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

Along the Danube, the 40-km Wachau Valley in Austria, with its hilltop ruins, castles, vineyards, historic towns and quaint villages, is of special significance to mankind. As UNESCO calls it: a landscape of high visual quality. Then there’s the magnificent Melk Abbey!

Just like the landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is protected by UNESCO, the Danube has its own area of special significance: the 40-km Wachau Valley in Austria, between the towns of Krems and Melk. And like that Rhine stretch, Wachau has hilltop ruins, castles, vineyards, historic towns and quaint villages. As UNESCO calls it:

a landscape of high visual quality.

One of the villages along Wachau is Willendorf. Sound familiar, but can’t quite place it?

I snuck this pic of one of the shelves in Alexandra’s ancient artefacts cabinet (yes, I have a geeky kid), that might jog your memory.

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The 7 Best Wine Regions to Visit in 2018; Laura Giannatempo; CN Traveler

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

We asked some of the country’s top sommeliers what wine regions you shouldn’t miss in 2018, and here’s what they had to say.

Wachau, Austria

Just an one-hour drive from Vienna, the Wachau is one of Austria’s most picturesque valleys. Old castles, monasteries, and quaint villages flank the Danube river in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Add to that outstanding wineries, and you begin to understand why the Wachau is a wine lover’s paradise. Rent a bike to tour the historic sites and stop by a winery or two to sip dry to off-dry rieslings and grüner veltliners. Among the top wineries, “Knoll, Jamek, and Hirtzberger have great tasting rooms and excellent restaurants,” says Rajat Parr, winemaker and partner at Domaine de la Côte.

Central Otago, New Zealand

The name is misleading, because Central Otago is located on the southern tip of New Zealand.

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A Trip To Wachau – The Most Beautiful Valley In Austria; Yaya & Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

This is a contentious one. 🙂

Austria has absolutely no shortage of absolutely stunning natural sights so you’re bound to find somewhere else say their valley is more beautiful but when you beauty is so renowned that it’s been award UNESCO World Heritage status, you kinda know you got that title in the bag!

Despite its UNESCO World Heritage status, the valley of Wachau (with the Danube River running right through it) is not a place I’d really heard about before visiting Vienna.

Wachau is only about 1 hour away from Vienna (perhaps 1.5 hours if you stop for snacks and photos), so deciding to visit was pretty much a no-brainer.

Carrying on in our theme of wine and food, our very first stop was Weingut Holzapfel-Prandtauerhof – a restaurant, vineyard and indeed a hotel in Weißenkirchen, a small village in Wachau.

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Melk Abbey is an Austrian Masterpiece; Marilyn Jones; GRIT Magazine

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

A visit to Melk Abbey in Austria is a combination history, religion, and art lesson.

It is a rainy windswept day when I visit Melk Abbey, an AmaWaterways river cruise excursion in Austria. We meet our very young guide (who looks more like a teenager than the scholar tour guide she is) in a grand inner courtyard before entering the abbey proper.

It was Abbot Berthold Dietmayr and his architects Jakob Prandtauer and Joseph Munggenast who were the driving force behind building Melk Abbey in the early 18thcentury on the foundations of a medieval monastery. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the biggest and most beautiful Baroque enclaves in Europe. Built on a cliff overlooking the Danube, it is Austria’s most visited art-historical site.

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On a European river cruise along the Danube, watch beauty glide by from your bed or go explore the sights; Rosemary McClure; LA Times

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

As idyllic scenes rolled slowly by my window — terraced vineyards, red-roofed villages, turreted castles, all set against a background of craggy green mountains — I watched contentedly from my bed.

Who would expect to see such stunning scenery while wrapped in a cozy duvet?

A European river-cruise vacation last summer had brought me to this beautiful part of Austria. I was exploring the Danube, which crosses 10 countries as it snakes 1,770 miles from western Germany to its destination at the Black Sea.

The sliding glass door that revealed that view not only let cool, fresh air into the cabin, but also allowed me to become immersed in the scenery.

I was close enough to smell bread baking at a riverside restaurant, to hear children playing in a schoolyard, to see a monk hurrying along a village street.

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Discovering Art and History at Göttweig Abbey; Marilyn Jones; GRIT Magazine

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

On a cold windswept day, I visited Göttweig Abbey with fellow Viking River Cruises passengers as part of the Danube Christmas Market Cruise. Founded in Austria as a monastery and dedicated in 1072 AD, its presence atop a hill overlooking the river was a dramatic scene as the tour bus approached.

We gathered with our guide, and he began his narrative as soon as we exited the bus. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, Göttweig became a famous seat of learning with strict monastic observances almost immediately. A school, library, and nunnery were established. The nunnery continued until 1557.

As we walked our guide — a young man with excellent English and an enthusiastic way of communicating the abbey’s storied past — explained that today 42 monks live and work here as well as in nearby parishes.

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