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The Iguazu Argentine Falls#3 – Geocache of the Week; Eric Worrell; Geocaching

Photo: Geocaching

From the Niagara to the Rhine, few natural formations fascinate and inspire like waterfalls can. Possessing a unique combination of power and grace, waterfalls represent the delicate balance that brings beauty to our world. They are life in motion and that is embodied in the Iguazu Falls.

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Argentina; KC Dermody; Trips To Discover

More and more travelers have been discovering Argentina. It offers everything from exciting cities with thriving nightlife to charming historic villages, wine country, abundant wildlife and spectacular diverse terrain, including soaring mountain peaks and breathtaking coastlines. A vast country with so much to do, it can be hard to decide what to put on your itinerary, but these top tourist attractions are sure to be highlights on any Argentine trip.

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